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The below daisy was given to Darcena back in the early 2000s. It is still relevant today because it represents how I try to spend my time in and around this game that we all enjoy: being inclusive and respectful and making each and every day better for others. I hope that most of the time, I am successful.

>l daisy
This short stemmed flower is as white as freshly fallen snow on a cold winter's day with petals as delicate as life itself.  A small hand written note dangles from a tiny silver thread attached to one of the leaves on the stem.  Bursting forth from the center of the flower are pistils of brilliant yellow with soft green edges.
There appears to be something written on it.

>read daisy
In the Common language, it reads:
To the world you're just one person, but to one person you could mean the world.


  • Darcena Wolf-Valslayer, an Ur-Daemon cursed giantwoman raised by wolves with extreme bloodlust
  • Kioya dCixel, a half-Nalfein half-Faendryl Dark Crusader (cleric) assassin for Ta'Nalfein
  • Loirya Veerae-Sheoul, a Faendryl wizard with a penchant for pain
  • Nextina LaDrange, a half-elven street rat and rogue
  • Qafziel Nalfein, a bookish ink-stained scholar of politics

...and more.


I believe I wandered into the game in late 1996 just before AOL went unlimited - if not, it was early 1997 just afterwards. My first character was Nextina LaDrange, but after several months of playing her, I realized that I really wanted to play an empath. I rolled up Darcena Wolfamily and never looked back. In mid-2004 with the pricing change, I said farewell to the game and moved on to graphic-based MMOs. I came back here and there to check on friends, but it never stuck. In 2017, I checked it out for three and a half months but life got in the way. The poor characters of Elanith have been stuck with me since May 1, 2018.


Primary towns: River's Rest, Wehnimer's Landing, Teras Isle, Mist Harbor


Things I Want to Work On

Research and Ideas

  • Glam Critters (Note: Blame players of Arianiss and Nehor for the name.)
  • INVENT Calendar - December 2018