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answers provided after Answer: are verified, answers within () are believed to be the answer, and blank are currently unknown


  • QUESTION: Usually tightly woven from reeds and other pieces of nature, this headworn adornment is favored by forest gnomes, particular the Basingstokes. What is the name of this item?
    ANSWER: basrenne
  • QUESTION: "This blue metal can be found deep within peaks that have been covered in snow for longer than any generation. It is said this metal can hold the power of an ice elemental."
    ANSWER: rhimar
  • QUESTION: What leaf will heal scrapes and scratches on hands and limbs?
    ANSWER: Ambrominas Leaf
  • QUESTION: What rare scarlet gemstone borrows its name from the necromancer who led armies of undead in the Undead War?
    Answer (despanal)
  • QUESTION: What is the sylvan totem animal associated with amber?
    Answer Fox
  • QUESTION: Which tree possesses shiny brown seeds inside of slightly pitted fruits?
  • QUESTION: What precious gemstone, found in hues as varied as peach and lilac, is appreciated for its natural ability to glow?
    Answer (glimaerstone)
  • QUESTION: Whose quest succeeded when she found the Book of Tormtor?
    Answer (
  • QUESTION: This grey metal is produced through a complicated smelting process. It is one of the more commonly found metals, and it is used by a good number of blacksmiths.
    Answer (Iron)
  • QUESTION: What potion will help make your convulsions more controllable?
    Answer (Bolmara Potion)
  • QUESTION: Originally worn by Erithian scholars, this piece was meant to channel both their inner mind and status. Centered with specific agates, what is the name of this piece?"
    Answer (Elothrai)
  • QUESTION: Name the storied ancestral blade of the Anodheles bloodline.
    Answer Searswathe
  • QUESTION: This magical metal is one of the rarest metals around with limited known mining locations. With a misty white and grey swirl coloring, superstition claims that the metal can dislike its wielder and turn against him. to make and can be rare.
    Answer Coraesine
  • QUESTION: What is the name of the first institution of magical learning established in halfling held lands?
    Answer Grinstoff Roth
  • QUESTION: What is the sylvan totem animal associated with zircon?
    Answer Turtle
  • QUESTION: What is under the bed in a cozy shack in a garden in Wehnimer's Landing?
    Answer Housecat

elemental puzzle:

  • PUZZLE: This black metal is an extremely durable and strong alloy, its forging a skillful blending of mithril with a combination of trace metals. Legends of both the dwarven and giantman cultures say that the first forging was a joint effort between the greatest smiths of both races in ancient times.
    Answer Rolaren

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