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This page is designed around grouping all of the known puzzles, trivia, etc for Rings of Lumnis pay event.

If you are ok with spoilers and wish to continue to read, please expand the following section.

  • What nocturnal creature is the only undead entity to haunt the ruins of Old Ta'Faendryl? (2 words)
    ANSWER: Lich qyn'arj
  • What ghostly Nelemar native is just as deadly with a harpoon as a hatchet? (3 words)
    ANSWER: Spectral triton defender
  • Which lesser spirit says, "You shall now forever stand in the shadow of your allies."?
    ANSWER: Ghezresh
  • Where can you find ghostly pookas, shadow mares, shadow steeds, and night mares? (2 words)
    Answer: Shadow Valley
  • Which lesser spirit says, "For your transgressions, your blood will flow from your body in rivers!"?
    Answer: Amasalen
  • Which Arkati is typically honored by autumnal festivals?
    Answer: Imaera
  • Which Arkati's symbol burns against an ashen background?
    Answer: Eorgina
  • Which Arkati styles herself the Queen of the Gods?
    Answer: Eorgina
  • Who is the only Arkati who will speak to Gosaena?
    Answer: Jastev
  • What is the name of the phenomenon that adventurers feel when facing an undead creature that is more powerful than he?
    Answer: Sheer fear
  • This Arkati's symbol is a stylized, green wisp of smoke.
    Answer: Ivas
  • Which Arkati has all rights to boast about his incredible skill at arms?
    Answer: Kai
  • Who is the consort of Imaera?
    Answer: Eonak
  • Which flower is believed to have come not from the hand of Imaera but from the hand of Jastev?
    Answer: Sirenflower
  • Which lesser spirit says, "For your transgressions, the plants of the world shall give you neither comfort nor shelter."?
    Answer: Kuon
  • Which lesser spirit says, "For your transgressions, all music of this world will fall upon your accursed ear, offering no melody or harmony to soothe your being."?
    Answer: Tilamaire
  • Who is the eldest son of Meyno?
    Answer: Khaarne
  • Which lesser spirit says, "For your transgressions, all those with cause against you shall have the strength of a hundred men apiece."?
    Answer: Huntress
  • Which Arkati was considered a traitor and a renegade by her peers?
    Answer: L'Naere
  • Who is the Goddess of Winter?
    Answer: Lorminstra
  • Which Arkati is the keeper of the Ebon Gate?
    Answer: Lorminstra
  • Symbol of _______, known to members of the Order of Voln, helps members combat sheer fear.
    Answer: Courage
  • Which lesser spirit favors insects with eight legs?
    Answer: Arachne
  • Which flower, also known as madwort, was adopted by a Sheruvian cult as their sigil?
    Answer: Alyssum
  • Which lesser spirit says, "For your transgressions, the water you seek to drink will be as dust, and the water you seek to escape will overwhelm you."?
    Answer: Niima
  • Which Pantheon is considered "good" or "light"?
    Answer: Liabo
  • Which lesser spirit says, "For your transgressions, a contract has been placed against you."?
    Answer: Onar
  • This son of Meyno fled from his brother after he staged a coup that saw his mother entombed in the ground.
    Answer: Khaarne
  • Who is the matriarch of the stone giant tribes?
    Answer: Meyno
  • Who turned the stone giants and other stone creatures of Stone Valley hostile?
    Answer: Illoke
  • What Rift-dwelling n'er-do-wells enjoy a good tackle?
    Answer: N'ecare
  • Which lesser spirit manifested recently on an island in The Abandoned Waters?
    Answer: Ghezresh
  • What thrice-named Scatter citizen will lash at you with scythe-like hands? (3 words)
    Answer: Murky soul siphon
  • Which Arkati is the wife of Koar?
    Answer: Lumnis
  • Which Arkati is believed to be unable to be together in the same place as Phoen?
    Answer: Ronan
  • Which lesser spirit says, "For your transgressions, the hands of all honorable people will turn against you, leaving you surrounded by traitors and fools."?
    Answer: Leya
  • Who suggested, in the wake of the Ur-Daemon War, that Imaera grant healing properties to certain plants so mortals could more easily help themselves?
    Answer: Kuon
  • Commonly assumed to be insane, this goddess of the moons is symbolized by a silver crescent moon upon a field of black. What is the name of this goddess?
    Answer: Zelia
  • Which Arkati watches over the seas?
    Answer: Charl
  • This Arkati's symbol is a star of six black tentacles.
    Answer: Marlu
  • Song of ______ creates an aura of protection around adventurers and is known to combat sheer fear.
    Answer: Valor
  • Which Arkati longs to take residence in your nightmares?
    Answer: Sheru
  • This Arkati's symbol is a golden sunburst.
    Answer: Phoen
  • Who was the first mortal responsible for creating the first of the Undead?
    Answer: Despana
  • Who is the only Arkati to beat Kai in armed combat?
    Answer: Koar
  • Which Arkati was the first victim of the Sorrow of the World?
    Answer: Maigra
  • This Arkati's symbol is a silver or grey sickle.
    Answer: Gosaena
  • Which Arkati is thought to have caused larkspur to grow in meadows where she danced?
    Answer: Zelia
  • What Rift-dwelling ghoulies have a talent for fading into the shadows when confronted?
    Answer: Lost soul
  • What ghostly Nelemar native is just as deadly with a harpoon as a hatchet?
    Answer: Spectral triton defender
  • The Arkati L'Naere was also known as...
    Answer: Giver of life
  • Which flower was once an anemone transformed by Jaston?
    Answer: Windflower
  • Which Arkati is believed by some commoners to be the last of the Drakes?
    Answer: Koar
  • I am the Goddess of Death, and the Mistress of Eternity. Who am I?
    Answer: Gosaena
  • What thrice-named Scatter citizen will lash at you with scythe-like hands
    Answer: Murky soul siphon
  • Which Arkati prefers lies over truth?
    Answer: Luukos
  • What hunting ground near Icemule Trace is overrun with undead plants?
    Answer: Frozen bramble
  • Which Lesser Spirit works from the shadows, most often at the behest of Eorgina?
    Answer: Onar
  • This Arkati's symbol is a black scimitar.
    Answer: V'tull
  • Which Arkati is the dead triplet of Cholen and Jastev?
    Answer: Tarandel
  • Which Arkati is believed by many to be an Ur-Daemon?
    Answer: Marlu
  • Which Pantheon is considered neither "evil" nor "good"?
    Answer: Neutrality
  • What is the name of the only non-corporeal entity to haunt Bonespear Tower?
    Answer: Eidolon
  • Which of the Arkati considers freedom from lucidity to be the greatest freedom that can be achieved?
    Answer: Zelia
  • What was the name of Despana's undead general?
    Answer: Dharthiir
  • Which lesser spirit says, "For your transgressions, all those you love will be parted from you."?
    Answer: Voaris
  • Which Lesser Spirit is the patron of sacrifice?
    Answer: Amasalen
  • Which lesser spirit rides with the dolphins?
    Answer: Niima
  • What apex undead master comes in cool and hot varieties?
    Answer: Lich
  • Some believe that Marlu is actually what interplanar beast that has sought asylum with the Arkati from the rest of his kind?
    Answer: Ur-Daemon
  • The shrine to which lesser spirit lies beyond the rolaren gate in Icemule Trace?
    Answer: Amasalen
  • What Paladin-gifted spell helps combat the effects of sheer fear on adventurers?
    Answer: Dauntless
  • Which lesser spirit says, "For your transgressions, disfiguring venom shall pour through your veins."?
    Answer: Arachne
  • This Arkati's symbol is a black cat's head.
    Answer: Andelas
  • This lesser spirit is often accused of being insane.
    Answer: Zelia
  • Which Pantheon is considered "evil" or "dark"?
    Answer: Lornon
  • This Arkati's symbol is a golden anvil.
    Answer: Eonak
  • I am the Patroness of water, sailors, and sea life. Who am I?
    Answer: Niima
  • This elven outcast would eventually bring magical teaching to the nomadic halfling tribes. What was her first name?
    Answer: Memailly
  • What is the first name of the founder of House Vaalor?
    Answer: Aradhul
  • What is the Aelotian_language#Dictionary Aelotoi word for forever?
    Answer: meril
  • In tune with nature, which giantkin Clan lives a secluded life deep within the DragonSpine Mountains?
    Answer: Wsalamir
  • The Barony of Highmount in the Turamzzyrian Empire has a crest that displays a white bear in manacles on a field of red. Which way is the bear facing?
    Answer: Left
  • This flying powder-blue creature is commonly skinned to produce feathers that give lightning flares to fletched arrows. What is the name of this creature? (2 words)
    Answer: Storm griffin
  • What is Helga's stewpot made of? (2 words)
    Cast iron
  • Which Arkati is constantly in conflict with Ronan over ownership of the night and sleep?
    Answer: Sheru
  • Which Arkati said: "For your transgressions, no punishment could be greater than that which you bring upon yourself?"
    Answer: Voln
  • What thrice-named Sanctum citizen can bring himself back from the dead? (3 words)
    answer: Patchwork flesh monstrosity

Symbols of Arkati and Lesser Spirits:

 --  a lily. 					-- Aeia
 --  a two-headed serpent.			-- Amaslean
 --  a feline.					-- Andelas
 --  an arachnid.				-- Arachne
 --  a trident.					-- Charl
 --  a lute.					-- Cholen
 --  a flame.					-- Eorgina
 --  a slit-pupiled eye.			-- Fash'lo'nae
 --  a cheiloboros (eel eating its tail)        -- Ghezresh
 --  a sickle. 					-- Gosaena
 --  a doe.					-- Imaera
 --  a stylized wisp of smoke.			-- Ivas
 --  a crystal ball.				-- Jastev
 --  a feather.					-- Jaston
 --  a clenched fist.				-- Kai
 --  a crown. 					-- Koar
 --  a leaf. 					-- Kuon
 --  a lone rose.				-- Laethe
 --  a dagger. 					-- Leya
 --  a key. 					-- Lorminstra
 --  a five-ringed golden scroll. 		-- Lumnis
 --  a serpent. 				-- Luukos
 --  a six-tentacled star.			-- Marlu
 --  a dagger-pierced heart.			-- Mularos
 --  a dolphin.					-- Niima
 --  a budding flower atop a heart. 		-- Oleani
 --  a broken skull. 				-- Onar
 --  a sunburst. 				-- Phoen
 --  a sword. 					-- Ronan
 --  a jackal. 					-- Sheru
 --  an eight-pointed star.			-- The Huntress
 --  a musical note.				-- Tilamaire
 --  a pegasus.					-- Tonis
 --  a young rose. 				-- Voaris
 --  a shield. 					-- Voln
 --  a scimitar.				-- V'tull
 --  a crescent moon.				-- Zelia

Gems Associated with Arkati and Lesser Spirits:

 --  emerald. 					-- Aeia
 --  heliodor.					-- Amasalen
 --  cat's eye quartz.				-- Andelas
 --  garnet.					-- Arachne
 --  thunder egg geode.				-- Charl
 --  amethyst.					-- Cholen
 --  black diamond.				-- Eorgina
 --  citrine quartz.				-- Fash'lo'nae
 --  moss agate. 				-- Gosaena
 --  emerald					-- Imaera
 --  green jade. 				-- Ivas
 --  alexandrite.				-- Jastev
 --  blue quartz.				-- Jaston
 --  tigerfang crystal. 			-- Kai
 --  topaz. 					-- Koar
 --  green zircon. 				-- Kuon
 --  rhodochrosite.				-- Laethe
 --  chalcedony. 				-- Leya
 --  black dreamstone. 				-- Lorminstra
 --  turquoise.					-- Lumnis
 --  emerald. 					-- Luukos
 --  star diopside.				-- Marlu
 --  bloodstone.				-- Mularos
 --  white opal.				-- Niima
 --  morganite. 				-- Oleani
 --  obsidian. 					-- Onar
 --  yellow sapphire. 				-- Phoen
 --  jet. 					-- Ronan
 --  amber. 					-- Sheru
 --  starstone.					-- The Huntress
 --  labradorite.				-- Tilamaire
 --  jasper.					-- Tonis
 --  geode. 					-- Voaris
 --  onyx. 					-- Voln
 --  bloodjewel.				-- V'tull
 --  moonstone.					-- Zelia
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