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Please add words here you believe should be included in the lexicon. Provide a link to the relevant document or enough information about where it is in game that we can find it to review. These will get reviewed periodically as new additions to the lexicon are made. Thanks! ~Xynwen


Already Added/Being Reviewed

Cipher Information

Below is some very helpful cipher information provided by Naamit. The documents mentioned are intentionally separated, as they were chapters on the main as well. A brief lore blurb about the cipher was added to official documentation in 2023 as well. GS4-XYNWEN (talk) 12:35, 19 July 2023 (CDT)

Life and Being in the Sea of Fire & its primer document, which are inexplicably separated on the wiki, were published on 04/07/2008. A majority of the document's work was completed by the end of 2005. Mechanical culture languages were off the table at that time, so a cipher was devised to help staff and players communicate in a common framework, outside existing mechanical limitations about language. It also had the benefit of superseding the Out of Genre/Real World Clothes Nouns problem. When the document was again brought up for release in 2007-2008, cultural mechanical languages were suddenly an option - but the cipher was already IN the document, so it stayed. Many Tehir words in the Life and Being document are based on a cipher, though not all as players have come to realize.

The cipher is generally a substitution format, but includes situational letter shifts and grammar rules for tense. For the sake of simplification, one could call it a gendered language, even though it's an imprecise term in this context. Not all letters possess the gender shift. Things usually use a feminine shift, and concepts use a masculine shift, but there are some exceptions as noted below. Past tense words may be preceded by a "to-" as in "ru-teumi" or "to-gone" instead of went or "to-escape" instead of "escaped". The reason for past tense inflection is because the letter D is omitted in the cipher when preceded by a vowel. Additionally, verbs may be the noun plus -ing, such as blooding instead of bleeding.

Layafi translates to "my luve" or incorrectly translates to "my love" when decoded from the cipher. This word has shift errors and should have been "Layufi".
Zhi translates to "the" when decided from the cipher.
Zhizio translates to "the sea" when decoded from the cipher.
Zlo translates to "small" when decoded from the cipher.
Tzou Lekem "shadow moon" when decoded from the cipher.
Ufura translates to "ivody" or incorrectly translates "ivory" when incorrectly decoded from the cipher. This word has shift errors and should have been "Ufuda"
Zdurtzi is problematic. Translates to "Stolshe" or "stong she" or "sting she". This word falls outside common cipher logic. It's missing "st" = "v" (we also see "zd" instead of "v" in kiete bukazd below). and the -ur looks more like ?ng. If Sting she were accurate, the translation honors ng=r, but does not honor ing=ir as seen elsewhere.
Livebiz translates to "mestress" or incorrectly translates to "mistress" when decoded from the cipher. This word has shift errors.
Murkilom translates to "noble man" when decoded from the cipher.
Tzimurqi translates to "she not wed" when decoded from the cipher. This word debatably has a error on T in Not and could have been Tzimudqi, but as a conglomerated title either is passable.
Lovib translates to "master" when decoded from the cipher.
Zhifiier translates to "the veil" when decoded from the cipher.
Latduame translates to "my ground" when decoded from the cipher.
Kiete bukazd translates to "big robust" when decoded from the cipher. Note that Qut and Kiete both mean big.
Zhi’vieba translates to "The Fires" when decoded from the cipher. It is an example of the "res = ba" shift.
Zirtziez translates to directly to "selshis" when decoded from the cipher.
Ayr translates to "oud". [Oud is a lute-type instrument] after which the ayr was modeled.

The Research:Tehir Language page contains a mostly complete cipher key and includes a variety of translations. I am more than happy to keep adding to the list if desired, or help anyone translate specific words. NAAMIT (talk) 11:06, 20 September 2022 (CDT)

zhiqietz was added on the main Tehir Lexicon page as coming from heavens or "zhi zya" but it has a typo. Zya via the cipher would be "sly" or "slu" (z=s, y=l, a=u/y ... sly/slu). "Zhi zja" is the term for heavens (which is in the primary document) and is composed of "the sky" via the cipher (th=zh, e=i, zj=sk, a=y ... the sky). NAAMIT (talk) 09:24, 21 September 2022 (CDT)

I haven't seen any replies to the content provided above. Curious if there is even a desire for more suggestions or if this effort has been abandoned. If it's a matter of not understanding how the cipher works, I am once again more than happy to help teach it. NAAMIT (talk) 09:19, 14 April 2023 (CDT)