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Old Documents Found

I found some old Terate documents on my hard disk, and am unsure whether they belong in gswiki pages (or may already be incorporated already) or not, but I am going to paste this one here for opinions as to whether to worry over it, or is it inappropriate stuff for gswiki?:

5/5/98 Terate Letter/Song from Niccolete to Sharqua

From Niccolete Annadale
Subj: Re: Terate
Date: 5/5/98

Dearest Sharqua,

I am sending ye a copy of the charms I received when singing to Terate's blade. Lady Rayyne requested me ta send ye dis, so ere it tis..... the third verse is new I do believe that it hadn't yet been discovered....also included is a song I wrote in honor of the chosen Rayyne and Terate

Charms Received from Loresong of Terate's Blade

Verse 1: Images begin to seep out of the void blade, filling your mind with brief flashes at first, that gradually grow into complexity and form. You see an elven youth, fair of feature and gifted with unusual intelligence. He follows in the footsteps of his Queen and mother, learning the sorcerous arts, pushing further and further into arcane theory researched within ancient tomes found in the castle's extensive library. His fame is further augmented upon the day he finds a wondrous stone which speaks through the heavens. Then one day, an elderly journeyman happens by, begging to winter within the castle's protection. The unknown traveler is found dead the following morning, having succumbed to age and the elements, and leaving behind nothing but his ragged clothing and meager belongings. Included in these is a satchel containing a collection of scrolls.

Verse 2: The scrolls are found to be covered with archaic writing, which piques the young prince's interest when brought to his attention. He begins to study them, an occupation that gradually consumes all of his waking hours. He labors over them for months, painstakingly translating them, and finally they begin to reveal secrets old and terrible. To the youth, the knowledge to be gained seems well worth the risk of putting the lore into practice. He could never have foreseen what cataclysmic malevolence his decision would release upon the world.

Verse 3: The elf travels distant lands, the strange potency growing within him, until one day he finally finds that for which he is searching, a dwarf of great skill and fame. The old one dwells within the bowels of the mountains at the top of the world, protected from the cold by the stone he loves. There he makes weapons imbued with magic and great might. The elf convinces him to forge a weapon, and standing behind the dwarf's shoulder as the old one works, the elf recites words of magic gleaned from the scrolls, releasing into the ore a malign talent. As the dwarf finishes and holds the weapon he has forged aloft, it hums into life, tearing a hole in the fabric of reality. Terrible fingers of anti-matter erupt, enveloping the blade and killing its maker with its first evil breath.

Song in honor of the chosen Rayyne and Terate
by Niccolete Annadale

"Come sit with me as I tell ye o' our prince ta be
Terate the chosen and lady Rayyne
listen close as I weave dis sorrowful tale
For their sacrifice set us free, and saved from da Vvrael"

"On top of the world dey did climb in search o' da shrine
Da void hunger grew by da hour, on der blood it would dine
The chosen and da sacrifice dey did make
Their hearts der lives , even der souls it would take"

"The crown o' solid gold images of winged drakes how it did shine
engraved truth piety, humility, faith, courage and honor, O! how divine
The stones the key to opening the shrine
placed one by one in da right tine"

"It was Berr who first found da rift on that cold snowy day
Inside a dragonsbreath sapphire floated in mid-air
Touching and turning dey all did try, The sapphire did wink and smiled an evil smile
Terate stood mocking laughing at the chosen, in the corner he stood watching all da while

"Lady Risper gave the sapphire a good spin, twisting and turning blinding der sight
exploding and flashing dey all did gasp in fright
They gazed in wonder as their vision did clear
"The Gateway" ! Terate did exclaim as he pointed at da sphere"

"Lady Risper's mace da key ta destroying da sphere
"By Lominstra's name, I stand here. and you shall not have them
words spoken from our lady Risper, fer she did not fear
Terate turned a finger to her, a finger he did lay
The chosen gasped in horror "DEMONIC", and cried in dismay"

"The elf's mind grew darker, the influence da eye had grew
Possessed he became and da more chosen he slew
When Terates madness was so overwhelming
Lady Rayyne voice so sweet "Terate I love thee!"
her word so tender and compelling"

"Along the cavern the chosen's bodies did lie
The elf Terate bellowing out his final cry"
And thus was the void heart turned
By Rayyne's love that was once spurned"

"Lifting up his finger, taking in his last breath
sealing the darkness, da spheres ultimate death
Terate did shudder, grimacing in pain
Spectral tears fell from heaven calling out Terate's name"

"As he lay dying he called out her name, " Rayyne M'princess to be"
His void blade he did hand her fer all the world ta see
Our Prince Terate spirit finally set free"

Safest o' travel's to ye
Lady Niccolete Annadale

Having personally had some involvement with Terate as Soliere, I became a collector of all sorts of snippets of info, letters, logs, stories, much of which is already covered in the gswiki. Over time I hope to review my records and add more here as time allows. -Soliere FIRENSIA (talk) 11:59, 13 September 2019 (CDT)

I added the third verse of the Terate's Blade loresong to the wiki page already, it was missing and seemed to be very much needed. -Soliere FIRENSIA (talk) 12:01, 13 September 2019 (CDT)
It seems from my records that the first to loresing the Void Blade was Krackenstar, who got two verses successful, and the third verse success was by Niccolete. -Soliere FIRENSIA (talk) 12:18, 13 September 2019 (CDT)