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"While the spell is running the caster is able to restore 6 health and automatically heal any minor (rank 1) wound at every other base 20 sec interval." -- top paragraph, base spell effect description

"Training in Spirit Mana Control decreases the duration between each interval at the rate of -1 second for every 25 skill bonus." -- first paragraph of 'Lore Benefits'

Every other, base 20 second interval? Should this not read " every 40 second interval..."? Then--if there actually ARE 'two [of the 20s] intervals' involved to benefit from Lore--the Lore paragraph can be changed to say "-2s per interval", because there is only a single conceptual 40s interval involved, now.

It just reads... oddly. KRAKII (talk) 14:10, 30 November 2017 (CST)