Tartifacts Bakery

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Tartifacts Bakery is a food shop in Icemule Trace. Private tables are also available.

[Tartifacts Bakery]
The master tart-baker himself holds court over a beautifully polished glass counter decorated with diamond inlay. Patrons approach the counter with heads bowed to order his delicacies while others waddle off with arms loaded with the hand-crafted confections.


  1. some roasted rabbit            11. a snowberry tart
  2. a fried polar bear sandwich    12. a rum-soaked raisin tart
  3. some boiled asparagus          13. a toasted almond tart
  4. a loaf of sourdough bread      14. a spiced apple tart
  5. some winterberry jam           15. a banana tart
  6. a sand devil's food doughnut   16. a grumbleberry tart
  7. a fresh iced doughnut          17. a loganberry tart
  8. some angel food cake           18. a strawberry tart
  9. a mixed berry tart             19. a blueberry tart
  10. a raspberry tart              20. a winterberry tart