Tassel Grogs

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Tassel Grogs is a food shop in Icemule Trace. It is located within the Dabbings Mews Premium home neighborhood.

[Dabbings Mews, Tassel Grogs]
The tavern is somewhat shabby looking, with faded and worn rugs scattered about a scuffed floor and 'seen-better-days' curtains hanging limply at the windows. Despite its dishabille, however, it is clean and possesses mouth-watering aromas wafting through from a hidden kitchen. A few patrons sit at the establishment's low tables talking and laughing, silhouetted by a merry fire crackling in a hearth on the room's back wall. You also see a tavern door and a halfling waiter.


      Item                       Price
   1. Dark grog                  50
   2. Ruby port                  50
   3. Mulled cider               50
   4. Burakis sandwich           75
   5. Taun'tor haunch sandwich   75
   6. Caramel turtle pie         35