Tattered vellum scroll

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This item was a prize from the Hunt for History.


a tattered vellum scroll


Creased and worn from being constantly rolled and re-rolled, the scroll shows signs of heavy use. Covering the document, in varied bits of handwriting, are numerous pieces of advice on Elanthian life. On the back, a wax imprint of [[Lumnis}five conjoined circles]] shows where the document was once sealed. There appears to be something written on it.

This item has the following written on it:
Inscribed above the seal is the reminder, "To teach is to learn."


This item is said to have originated from the archives of the Order of Lorekeepers.


As you begin to sing, your surroundings vanish and a field of turnips appears before you. A group of farmers stands among the crop, giving their full attention to a slender elven woman garbed in a dusty robe and a silver armband. She is demonstrating the use of some sort of agricultural implement and the farmers mimic her actions as she completes them. The group moves down the field, continuing to work on the crop under the woman's direction.

You close your eyes as you focus on the next stanza of your song. Before you open them, the smell of chalk dust assails your nostrils. Before you stands a classroom filled with pupils of all races and ages, each wearing a silver armband. They are led by an elven man who is pacing slowly back and forth in front of a lectern. On the blackboard behind him, you see the words, "Pride, dignity and honor" written in chalk. Listening closely, you hear the students reciting something. You manage to make out the words, "Go forth with a mind free of prejudice" before the vision fades once again into darkness.

As you continue to sing, smoke clouds your vision. When it clears, you see a group of people gathered inside a tent. A number of people sit on the ground with boxes on their lap. They each appear to be trying to use a lockpick to open their boxes. A halfling man strolls among them, stopping here and there to give instruction on the finer points of locksmithing. Suddenly, there is a soft "POOF!" and a plume of black smoke floats up from one box. The box's owner raises his head, his hair in disarray and face covered with soot, and you grin at his comical expression of consternation.

As you finish the words of your song, the notes are nearly drowned out by the laughter of children. A circle of young Elanthians sits on the grass under a tree, listening intently to a tale told by a grey-haired Sylvan woman. She gesticulates with her hands as she speaks, telling a story that is both humorous and moralistic. They are seated in front of an imposing building with the word "Silverwood" carved on the lintel of the doorway. During a break in the story, the Sylvan turns to some younger colleagues behind her and reminds them, "Children are our collective future." The words echo in your mind as the scene before you fades away.