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Tayler Ta'Thyriel Faendryl, born on the 27th of Jastatos, 4786, is a Dark Elven warrior currently living in Rivers Rest. He has a typically friendly demeanor, more than happy to talk with anyone, and can often be found in the Town Commons, or in Town Square Central in Wehnimers Landing, usually with his wine press in hand, trying out some new concoction. He's quick to laugh and always has a ready smile. He spends a lot of time in the Landing, but considers River's Rest to be his home, for now.

He grew up in New Ta'Faendryl, and after some struggles with his family, eventually moved west of the Dragonspines, and he's picked up a few hobbies since then, namely beverage crafting, and adventuring. He became particularly enthralled by the craftsmanship of the Gnomes in 5121, after acquiring a fantastic little device known as a wine press, and has been seeking out their craft since.

Tayler Ta'Thyriel Faendryl
Race Dark Elf
Culture Faendryl
Profession Warrior
Religion Amused by Charl
In-a-Word Entertained
Disposition Adventurous, friendly
Demeanor Friendly
Flaw Struggling with family issues.
Habits Fidgeting with gadgets
Hobbies Making wine, Making tea, Sailing, Collecting rare materials.
Soft Spots Wine, Cigars
Loyalties The Patriarch, New Ta'Faendryl, the Drakes Vanguard, River's Rest, his friends.
Spouse Ithilwyn Ta'Thyriel Married: 1/15/5122


You see Lord Tayler Ta'Thyriel Faendryl the Navigator.
He appears to be a Dark Elf.
He is strikingly tall.  He appears to be in the spring of life.  He has copper-flecked viridian eyes and sleek, caramel-colored skin.  He has waist-length, layered ebony hair that cascades down the back in a series of dark waves with scarlet highlights masterfully blended in, the layers fading through a gradient of red hues as they reach the waist.  He has a fine-boned face, a slender, delicately flared nose and well-muscled shoulders and arms.  A rich sable bustard feather quill tipped with a flame-shaped white gold nib is tucked behind his ear.
He has an intricate pattern of silver inked about the left eye and winding down the cheek.
Mystical energies wash over him, enveloping him in a light shroud of fluctuating winds.
He is in good shape.
He is wearing a stiff black wool tricorn adorned with a snowy swan pinion, a dark crimson pyramid vial streaked with shards of black obsidian, a shimmering opaline cloak, a vivid purple glass thistle pin, a black spidersilk backpack, a paisley ebon flyrsilk waistcoat with iridescent veil pearl buttons, a dense shroud of shadows, a pale grey flyrsilk shirt with veil pearl buttons, some tenebrous black alloy vambraces, a rose-etched onyx invar band with an inner ring of electrum, an imflass wire ring with blue-green sea glass clusters, a gold-edged ivory suede belt boasting a carved riverstone buckle, a supple midnight blue buckskin survival kit, a moonshade black leather sheath inlaid with star-swept sky opals, some crisply pleated raven black trousers, a pair of comfortable midnight blue angora wool socks, and some knee-cuffed ebon leather boots buckled with polished black-alloy.

His every day outfit, formal enough to go most places. The dense shroud of shadows is brigandine armor generated by his shadowdeath vambraces, it allows him to quickly drop them for conversation, or don them with a simple tap of the vambraces to quickly ready for battle without donning his full plate. The theme of veil pearls represents his new beginnings in his courtship with High Lady Ithilwyn Vanima-me'a Vaalor, as well as feeding into his penchant for collecting rare materials.


Tayler was born by the third wife of his Father, Archchancellor Talreth Ta'Thyriel Faendryl. Second of three siblings born to Maerelie Kyestri Faendryl (Maiden name), Tayler grew up in extreme wealth and decadence, his Fathers side being descended from a famous general and war hero, his father holding an important position as the Archchancellor of Domestic Trade. He quickly grew bored of that life, and his Fathers interference in his desires, and instead of pursing a career in sorcery and politics, chose to apply to the Palestra academies. He was not selected to one of the major academies, but lead his Father to believe that he was, to claim the rights to his Grandfathers storied sword; Thorn.

After securing the weapon from his families vaults, his father learned the truth and tried to reclaim the sword since someone accepted into the "Lesser" academies was not worthy of it. Tayler left in the night, securing passage to Solhaven first, where he was eventually discovered by his Father again, and he decided to try hiding in the lesser known parts of the empire. River's Rest was just the place, offering the privacy he required to practice his skills, and the antics of the other citizens brought him great joy. He has since temporarily moved to Wehinimer's Landing, to attempt to grow closer to the Faendryl Enclave, as well as increase his general knowledge of the world.

5122 - Ashes to Ashes

Insurance Claim

Treasured items

a massive coraesine sword wrought with a spiral of incarnadine sigils - Pure coraesine bastard sword, named "Thorn" massive coraesine sword wrought with a spiral of incarnadine sigils

Two bands of sigils are engraved along the length of the blade, intertwining among one another as they twist and shift slowly.
The swirling orb-shaped sigil pulses rapidly with a pale white glow.
A wreath of misty thorns continually spiral and twist around the length of the coraesine sword in a twining dance, their tips swept with deep scarlet.

a gnomish clockwork wine press - Gnomish clockwork wine press

Built of a mismatch of gears and cogs, several highly polished metal "foot-shaped" pounders have been affixed to a large camshaft over an aged oak barrel.  A small crank juts out to one side.

some tenebrous black alloy vambraces - Lesser Shadowdeath vambraces

Made of an odd sort of black alloy, the vambraces give the odd appearance of something akin to ebon water trapped under glass.  Currents ebb and flow, light catching occasionally here and there causing odd variations in the shades trapped within.  The large guards may be worn with adjustable straps made of the same material, but give the distinct impression that it would be difficult to get a good fit without some additional assistance.  Other than the odd properties of the metal, nothing else stands out.

a dark crimson pyramid vial streaked with shards of black obsidian - Perfume Shifter

a shimmering opaline cloak - Living cloak