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Special Ability!
Example use 53m
Minor Acid (904) 255

This template is simply a two-column one-row table that fits into the other table. The position of the table is dictated by the template you are putting it into. For example, the example code below would be used to put four different attack styles of varying strengths into the physical section of the creature attack template.

| physical =
  {{Creature ability|[[Flail]]|165}}
  {{Creature ability|[[Two-handed sword]]|165}}
  {{Creature ability|[[Closed fist]]|155}}
  {{Creature ability|[[Claw]]|145}}

Each creature has two different templates which the creature ability template should be inserted into, and their use will be delineated below. Addition of the exclusion tag to the template will remove that entry from the template entirely, while simply omitting either the inclusion or exclusion tags will put the default messaging that probably led you to this page.

Creature attack attributes
Type Description Inclusion tag Exclusion tag
Physical Physical or melee attacks physical = nophysical =
Bolt Bolt attacks, such as wizard spells that use AS bolt = nobolt =
Warding Warding attacks, such as sorcerer spells warding = nowarding =
Maneuver These are maneuver attacks, such as a roa'ter burrow maneuver = nomaneuver =
Ability These are things that increase a creature's attacking ability, such as Strength (509) ability= noability =
Creature defense attributes
Type Description Inclusion tag Exclusion tag
Defense These are defensive attributes like DS or TD defense = nodefense =
Ability These are things to raise a creature's defensive ability, such as Elemental Defense I (401) ability = noability =