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The messaging of (pagename of the ability will be displayed here) varies based on the CONVERT status of the caster. One example is shown below, while the rest can be found on the deity messaging page. Not all messaging is represented there; please expand it to the best of your ability.

This template should be included on any ability that uses deity messaging but does not include all messages on the page. It also adds the page to the Deity Messaging category.


{{deity messaging}} by itself will work, but will not always give the best results.

At the very least, you should include a link to the specific spell on the deity messaging page by including a link: {{deity messaging | link = Deity_messaging#Censure_.28316.29}}, which the navbar or existing article should help you find.

If the ability, like Well of Life, varies based on someone other than the caster, that can be indicated as well: {{deity messaging | link = Deity_messaging#Well_of_Life_.28308.29 | whosedeity = target}}. That will replace the word 'caster' in the messaging above.

If the page name that shows up by default is not desired, it can be replaced by using | ability = .

Finally, if every deity message is finally catalogued for a given spell, | complete will suppress the final sentence asking for readers to add their own.

The order of these parameters does not matter.