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This template is deprecated and is no longer implemented. Information in this article is presented for historical reference only.

Please see Template:Town shops and Gswiki:Style guide/Town shops for updated information on how to handle town shops.

NPC Shops is the {{{itemtype}}} shop in [[{{{town}}}]]. {{{1}}}




This template should be used to add NPC shops that are permanent in towns using the ORDER system. It also integrates the RoomDescription template. When working on existing pages using this template, edit the page by clicking on the Edit tab at the top of that page.

Copy/paste Code

{{NPC Shops
|itemtype = 
|town = 
|1 = 
|roomname = 
|desc = 
|rnum = 
|inventory = 
  • For general stores, add two lines: "|shop=store" and "|Shops=Stores". Stores must be with a capital S.
  • For post offices and florists, add three lines: "|shop=", "|Shops=", and "|4=yes"
  • The |1 = line is used to add any extra commentary on the shop beyond its type and location.
  • To get rid of the inventory pre field, leave the inventory blank, and add "|2 = " and "|3 = ".
  • If there are multiple shops of the same type in a town, insert "|the = a".
  • To change the Inventory header, insert "|header = {new header}".
  • To omit the item type in the lead section (for example, "a tavern" instead of "a food shop"), add "|hideitemtype=true" and set "|shop=" to be the appropriate noun. The "itemtype" field should still be set to one of the legal fields (see section below).

List of Itemtypes

Please use one of the following for the "itemtype" field. Using a different itemtype than the listed ones will create a new category and not properly categorize the shop.

  • alchemist
  • armor
  • boutique
  • cleric
  • cobbling
  • fishing
  • fletcher
  • florist
  • food (use |the=a)
  • general (see above for special instructions)
  • herb
  • instrument
  • jewelry
  • locksmith
  • magic (those dinky amulet/imbed shops)
  • post office
  • specialty (when the shop is unique in its purpose)
  • tobacco
  • weapon

Original Code

If you are template-averse, you can enter the old code and someone will go in and fix the page for you.

'''Shopname''' is (the item-type) shop in [[Town]].


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