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Player System Manager
Mnemonic [sbash]
Type Setup
Roundtime 3s
Stamina 9, can POP muscles
Hostile Yes
Offensive Held Gear Left hand, flares/spikes enabled
Offensive Worn Gear {{{offensiveworn}}}
Defensive Gear {{{defensivegear}}}
Requirements Requires a shield.
Available To Warriors, Rogues, Rangers, Bards, Paladins
Also Available In Combat Maneuvers
Shield Specializations
Prerequisites {{{prereqs}}}
Rank Square Semi
1 2
2 4
3 6
4 8 12 
5 10 15


Attempt to wallop your foe with your shield.


Attack your foe with your shield to do moderate crushing damage, with additional chances for stuns, knockdowns, and stance forcing based on your maneuver success roll.

Main Table

Information for skills can be generated in game using VERB WIKI [skill], where VERB is the system you're wanting information on. For example, CMAN WIKI SBASH would give you the table output to for Shield Bash in the Combat Maneuver system.