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Shield specialization
Available To {{{available}}}
Mnemonic [{{{mnemonic}}}]
Cost {{{cost}}}
Requirements {{{requirements}}}
Prerequisites {{{prereqs}}}
Rank Cost
1 {{{sq1}}}  
4 -

Main Table

The main table is simple. Available to lists the professions that this specialization is available to. Mnemonic is the command used to access this maneuver through the SHIELD verb. Cost is the stamina cost when the specialization is used. requirements is whatever might be required to perform this specialization. prereqs is whatever skills are required before this specialization can be learned.

Secondary Table

The secondary table lists the SHIELD points required to learn this skill. Setting sq2, sq3, sq4, or sq5 to a dash will delete the associated row and only the associated row. If, for example, sq3 is set to a dash, but sq4 and sq5 are not, there will be rows shown for ranks 1, 2, 4, and 5.