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The following buff spells are self-cast limited and can be stacked.

  • Cloak of Shadows (712): +25 DS, +20 TD, plus a retribution spell that can get you out of trouble when stunned.
  • Star Curse: +10 bolt AS. This is an unusual buff spell as it must be cast at creatures; once the targets are killed, the buff is added to the caster.
  • Ensorcell (735): Adds life channeling flares. See the main article for more information.

If these spells are known to you:

  • It is typically useful to stack 712 on yourself while resting and prior to going out for a hunt.
  • It is typically useful to slay creatures under the influence of Star Curse before hunting with bolt spells, or to do it at the beginning of such a hunt.
  • The temporary version of Ensorcell should be cast at the runestaff or weapon of choice on each login.