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CML and SMR underwent a revamp in December 2020. Until this article is updated, be sure to read the saved posts

The standard maneuver roll system is used to determine the success of most physical actions that do not fall within the attack roll or CMAN systems. These include special attacks performed by creatures such as the tail sweep of the cave lizard, three-toed tegu, and the snow madrinol; a soul golem's steam push; an Illoke's ground stomp; an Ithzir adept's lightning mote; and a war griffin's ride of doom.

SMR is an d100 open roll with many additive modifiers and is successful if the total exceeds 100. The original SMR system typically does not show the exact result of the roll and modifiers. The new system (SMR v2) shows the d100 and the sum of the modifiers.

SMR v1

The original SMR system is currently used by the vast majority of creature attacks.



Certain races receive a bonus to dodging maneuver attacks, with smaller racers generally having the larger bonus. Races not listed on the following table are considered to have an average ability to dodge maneuvers.

Best: Burghal Gnomes
Excellent: Halflings, Forest Gnomes, and Elves
Good: Half-Elves, Dark Elves, Sylvankind, Erithians, and Aelotoi


Sidebox: Armor Penalty

"The armor penalty is a relatively significant factor. For a character exactly trained for full plate at cap, it contributes a penalty a little bit above the difference between 1x and 2x PF. Overtraining in armor to reduce the action penalty and/or using Armored Evasion can reduce the maneuver penalty by a fairly significant amount, however."

- GM Coase

  • Physical Fitness - Physical Fitness is the primary skill for defense against standard creature maneuvers.
  • Combat Maneuvers - Combat Maneuvers is twice as effective as perception in defensive and operates on a sliding scale until they are equal in offensive.
  • Perception
  • Shield Use - Shield Use factors into creature maneuvers that can be blocked by a shield.

Additionally, Armor Use can provide a bonus by reducing the action penalty.


The following spells provide bonuses to evading maneuvers:

The following spells provide bonuses to blocking maneuvers:


Defensive stance is best.


A character's present condition also has an effect on their defenses. Low spirit will penalize the target, as well as certain types of injuries and scars.

SMR v2

SMRv2 was released in December 2016 and shows a visible roll.

The primary defense for the defender is calculated using:


  1. Primary: Agility
  2. Secondary: Dexterity and Intuition


All skills are weighted equally by the SMR.

Defender Spells

Other Factors

Stance, level difference, size/race, injuries, encumbrance, armor penalty, low spirit and status conditions.

Some factors may not be considered for a particular maneuver, depending upon its specifics. For example, magical maneuvers such as Earthen Fury (917) do not factor in the caster's stance or injuries.


Konacon's 2019-09-24 SMRv2 Update

Konacon's 2020-01-07 SMRv2 Update