Terasian Seating Emporium

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Terasian Seating Emporium is a Premium Home Furniture shop in Kharam Dzu. It is located in a slender shop at the corner of Silver and Garnet on the west side of town. For more furniture, visit the Teras premium furniture emporium.

[Terasian Seating Emporium]
Wooden shutters have been propped open, a balmy breeze slipping in and carrying the heady fragrance of native flowers. The greenery against the outer walls almost encroaches on the windows, lending an exotic air to the setting. Comfortable chairs are arranged in small groupings, a neatly-lettered sign perched upon each, describing the variety of colors they can be made in. A length of woven fiber is draped over a door leading into a back workroom. You also see a large sign, a surly dwarven clerk and a number of unusual seats.


      Price  Item
1.)   25000  a knotted white pine bench (set of 2)
2.)   28000  an ornamental stone bench (set of 2)
3.)   32500  an engraved red cedar bench (set of 2)
4.)   30500  a whitewashed thanot bench (set of 2)
5.)   52500  an enormous carved granite throne (set of 2)
6.)   53500  a carved acorn-covered throne (set of 2)
7.)   45000  a gigantic rune-covered throne (set of 2)
8.)   49500  a massive hammered steel throne (set of 2)
9.)   34500  a tall dark mahogany stool (set of 2)
10.)  25000  a three-legged modwir stool (set of 2)

East Room

[Terasian Seating Emporium]
The rectangular-shaped space has chairs of all imaginable sizes and shapes arranged in tiny rows off a central aisle. Looking more like an eclectic meeting room than a shop, the only clue is a piece of parchment scrawled with numbers that represent a suggested price placed on the seat of each chair. A rattan counter sits at the far back of the room, forcing potential customers to walk past the items on display. You also see a large sign and a surly dwarven clerk.
      Price  Item
1.)   85000  a green silk upholstered chair (set of 4)
2.)   65000  a tapestry upholstered chair (set of 4)
3.)   95000  a cushioned ironwood chair (set of 4)
4.)   99500  a rune-carved mahogany chair (set of 4)
5.)   75000  a tufted velvet stool (set of 4)
6.)   77500  an ornate wrought iron stool (set of 4)
7.)   95000  a graceful willow stool (set of 4)
8.)   69900  a sturdy three-legged stool (set of 4)
9.)   85000  a rough hammered steel stool (set of 4)
10.)  85000  a tarnished hammered copper stool (set of 4)