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Players have access to the test server while GMs need to test things, it is not necessarily always on.

The test server is an out of character (OOC) instance of GemStone IV that contains the entire Prime game and is open for subscribers to test out different builds and mechanics. All Prime data is occasionally uploaded to the test server so that players can test an up-to-date version of their character(s), and instant skill migration is turned on so that characters, regardless of level or when they were generated, behave as though they are new characters in the first 30 days of existence.

A few commands exist in the test server to help players not have to deal with the everyday challenges of Prime:

  • HEALME will remove injuries and restore all health, stamina, and spirit, as well as all daily uses of MANA SPELLUP.
  • DEMO TELEPORT will transport a character instantly to a drop point in the region specified.

Latest Sync

January 2019