The Colonnade

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The Colonnade is Mist Harbor's local theater and is located adjacent to the Bard Guild.


Item Flavors
a cup of sweetened coffee The coffee's true flavor is weakened by the cream into a smooth, eminently drinkable blend.
Rich, sweet cream mellows the flavor of the strong coffee.
a mug of cream-topped cocoa The comforting, simple drink spreads warmth through your entire body.
Cream tempers the cocoa flavor to create a mellow, gentle combination.
a chocolate theatre mask The luscious bittersweet chocolate shell is the perfect foil for the intense cinnamon cream filling.
The cinnamon center is so intensely flavored that small beads of perspiration break out on your forehead.
a white chocolate seashell An underlying hint of vanilla suffuses the white chocolate shell of the seashell and melds seamlessly into the creamy lemon filling.
The lemon cream filling beneath the sweet exterior of white chocolate creates a balanced treat of sugar and tartness.

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