The Crackling Blaze

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The Crackling Blaze is a Premium Home Fireplace shop in Icemule Trace. It is located through the arch in Fileene's Flooring in the building on the southeast corner of Dwarven Circle.

[The Crackling Blaze]
Fireplaces, braziers and kilns of all shapes and sizes line the walls of this large shop. An old, battered brazier rests in the center of the room, its coals glowing a dull red. You also see the merchant Wilflem and a carved maoral arch.


      Price  Item
1.)   55000  a battered black brazier
2.)  375000  a black-veined white marble fireplace
3.)  300000  an ornate pink marble fireplace
4.)  150000  a pale white marble fireplace
5.)   58000  a small white ceramic kiln
6.)   60000  a sooty black kiln
7.)   67000  a small glazed ceramic brazier
8.)   70000  a burnished brass brazier
9.)   70000  a round polished steel brazier
10.) 225000  a finely carved thanot fireplace
11.)  70000  a black cast iron brazier
12.) 400000  a gilded cream marble fireplace
13.) 375000  a polished black onyx fireplace
14.)  65000  a small bronzed brazier
15.)  72000  a singed copper-trimmed brazier
16.) 200000  a polished carved maoral fireplace