The House Well-Heeled

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The House Well-Heeled is a Premium Home Floor shop in Icemule Trace. It is located north of the entrance to the warehouse on the east side of Dwarven Circle.

[The House Well-Heeled]
Swatches of flooring materials pasted to large flat boards stand in a row against the back wall. Each board has casters to make it easy to wheel out a sample for closer viewing. Tiradell sits quietly at her small oak desk, reading a book and occasionally glancing disinterestedly at you before pursing her lips and returning her attention to her novel. You also see a plain oaken arch and the merchant Tiradell.


      Price  Item
1.)   75000  an old worm-wood floor
2.)  200000  a polished pink granite floor
3.)   60000  a multi-colored tile floor
4.)  125000  a sandy limestone floor
5.)  125000  a rough sandstone floor
6.)   48000  a smooth dirt floor
7.)   60000  a soft moss floor
8.)  100000  a craggy cobblestone floor
9.)  135000  a textured grey slate floor
10.) 145000  a lustrous stained cedar floor
11.) 200000  an elaborate black marble floor
12.)  95000  a slick polished haon floor
13.)  75000  a well-worn oak floor
14.)  50000  a splintered pine floor