The Lady's Interlude

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The Lady's Interlude is a food shop in Nielira Harbor. It sells tea brewing supplies.

[The Lady's Interlude] RNUM: 33905
Lacquered cherrywood beams cross along the ceiling, entwined with leafy garlands of alabaster naefira caught in bloom, the flora encircling silk-wrapped faerthiel suspended above a marble counter. Chiseled marble pillars frame the wall-affixed wooden shelves stained a hunter green, the planks displaying tall glass jars filled with dried leaves mixed with blossoms and herbs. Ianthine travertine tiles are arranged in a checkerboard pattern across the floor, inset in dark ivory flourishes.


Proprietor Lysanthir Wynric offers his catalog to browse.
Lysanthir Wynric exclaims, "Greetings stranger, have a look around!"

  1. a gilt-foiled merlot vellum packet     11. a gilt-foiled black cherry tin
  2. a gilt-foiled emerald vellum packet    12. a gilt-foiled garnet metal tin
  3. a gilt-foiled blush pink packet        13. a gilt-foiled lavender metal tin
  4. a gilt-foiled black cherry packet      14. a gilt-foiled vert metal tin
  5. a gilt-foiled garnet vellum packet     15. a bottle of oak-aged bourbon
  6. a gilt-foiled lavender vellum packet   16. a jar of raw wildflower honey
  7. a gilt-foiled vert vellum packet       17. a cylinder of pomegranate arils
  8. a gilt-foiled merlot metal tin         18. a jar of jasmine petal pearls
  9. a gilt-foiled emerald metal tin        19. a jar of naefira petal pearls
  10. a gilt-foiled blush pink tin         

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# Full Item Description Cost
15. a rectangular bottle of oak-aged bourbon 15,000
16. a hexagonal jar of raw wildflower honey 15,000
17. a glass cylinder of pomegrante arils 15,000
18. a vert glass jar of jasmine petal pearls 15,000
19. an ebony glass jar of naefira petal pearls 15,000