The Rone Resurgence - 5118-08-27 - The Rooks' Red Glare (log)

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Phoenatos 27, 5118

by Florania Autumnwind of the TownCrier


The Rooks take to the rooftops of the Landing and set ablaze straw-stuffed effigies wearing crude crowns, crimson capes, and red and gold bracers--an imitation of Ta'Vaalor's king, Qalinor Vaalor.


Dark hooded figures move along some rooftops of town.

In a dark alley of Wehnimer's Landing, a hooded figure emerges briefly, the light of the moon gleaming along the razor-sharp silver beak of its bird mask. The figure steps into the shadows.

[Search parties form, but no one reports finding anything.]

In another alley, a second bird-masked figure appears, half in moonlight, half in shadow. It stares silently out at the street, then disappears into the darkness.

One by one, in pockets of shadows tucket between buildings of town, beak-masked hooded figures appear, silently stepping into view, observing, then slipping back into the darkness.

Rising like gargoyles of night, a dozen hooded figures emerge on nearby rooftops, standing near the edge of each building and staring off into the night.

The hooded figures upon the rooftops all reach down and lift up slender straw-stuffed effigies. Each effigy is garbed in a glowing crimson cape, with wrists wrapped in crude red and gold bracers. Upon each effigy is a bloodstained crude metal crown. One by one, the hooded figures bring a match to each effigy. Like a stretch of signal fires, the burning effigies light up the rooftops of Wehnimer's Landing.

The fires continue to burn along the rooftops as the straw-stuffed effigies blaze brightly. The crude metal crowns upon each effigy begin to brighten as the flames lick it, slowly melting some of the edges of the crowns.

The dark hooded figures slip off of the rooftops and disappear back into the shadows. The rain above begins to slowly let up, as the burning crown-wearing effigies slowly crumble beneath the carnage of the flames. Moments later, only a flurry of embers remain, fluttering about like tiny fireflies before fading out completely.