The Silvered Glaes Window Shop

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The Silvered Glaes Window Shop is the Premium Home Window shop in Icemule Trace. It is located all the way west of the entrance in the building on the southeast corner of Dwarven Circle.

[The Silvered Glaes Window Shop]
Soft moonlight streams into this tiny shop, pouring through countless apertures in the walls and ceiling. Delicate silk hangings draped across the openings flutter lightly with each passing breeze. You also see the merchant Sylvera and a variety of window samples.


      Price  Item
1.)   75000  an arched mithril-framed window
2.)   60000  a veniom-framed window
3.)   60000  an arched vultite window
4.)   75000  a vultite picture window
5.)   55000  an alum lattice-work window
6.)   55000  a mithril-edged casement window
7.)   75000  a polished rolaren-trimmed window
8.)   60000  an arched eonake window
9.)   60000  a narrow vultite-framed window
10.)  55000  a kelyn-edged casement window
11.)  70000  a small round coraesine window
12.)  60000  a multi-paned krodera window
13.)  60000  an oval ora window
14.)  55000  a triangular vultite-framed window
15.)  55000  an ora-trimmed bowfront window
16.)  55000  a laje-trimmed lancet window
17.)  60000  a imflass-framed window
18.) 300000  a glaes bowfront window
19.)  70000  a gleaming golvern-framed window
20.)  75000  an elegant ora bay window