The Tailor's Muse

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The Tailor's Muse is a boutique shop in Nielira Harbor. It sells a variety of clothing with long descriptions. The east room of the Tailor's Muse is called The Naefira Boutique, which sells customized clothing and makeup.

[The Tailor's Muse] RNUM: 33895
The faint glow of dozens of silk-strung faerthiel illuminates the frame-covered walls of the boutique, the tiny baubles radiating outwards from a tall mirror set above the marble counter. Glazed glass vases are interspersed between silk-draped mannequins caught in various balletic poses, their arms raised towards the staircase leading upwards towards the melodic sounds of instruments echoing across the steps. A rose-carved cabinet stands against the far wall, stacked with rolls of rich fabric.

The Tailor's Muse (Entry)

Welcome to The Tailor's Muse!

Apprentice Ruvaen Beioris offers his catalog to browse.
Ruvaen Beioris exclaims, "Greetings stranger, have a look around!"

  1. a ring-bound trio of sepia straps    9. an ebony lace corselette
  2. a navy wool waistcoat                10. a burgundy silk corselette
  3. a flora-gilded jade chiffon bodice   11. a collarless natural linen undershirt
  4. a rigid ivory brocade corset         12. a wide-cuffed sea silk undershirt
  5. a gilt-fringed column gown           13. some ebony tweed trousers
  6. a low-backed merlot maedatha gown    14. some grey-toned pants
  7. a hunter green maedatha tunic        15. a wine-colored tulle skirt
  8. a long-sleeved ramie silk shirt      16. a slim-fitted iron grey skirt

You can APPRAISE, INSPECT or DESCRIBE any item by number, ORDER by number to get pricing and customization options, BUY to purchase, or ORDER HELP for more info.
# Full Item Description Cost Worn Location
1. a ring-bound trio of sepia leather straps 10,000 Front-worn
2. a chain-fastened navy wool waistcoat lined in malachite silk 10,000 Front-worn
3. a flora-gilded bodice of gauzy jade chiffon 10,000 Front-worn
4. a rigid ivory brocade corset draped in tulle along the hips 10,000 Front-worn
5. a gilt-fringed column gown draped from armlets of metal chains 15,000 Chest-worn
6. a low-backed gown of merlot maedatha engulfed in metal beading 15,000 Chest-worn
7. a pauldron-bound tunic of rich hunter green maedatha 15,000 Chest-worn
8. a long-sleeved ramie silk shirt embroidered down the front 15,000 Chest-worn
9. a velvet-sheathed ebony lace corselette 10,000 Undershirt
10. a leather-paneled burgundy silk corselette 10,000 Undershirt
11. a collarless undershirt of undyed natural linen 10,000 Undershirt
12. a wide-cuffed undershirt of lustrous sea silk 10,000 Undershirt
13. some silk-waisted ebony tweed trousers stitched in jade thread 10,000 Legs-worn
14. some grey-toned maedatha pants reinforced in panels of suede 10,000 Legs-worn
15. a diaphanous skirt of softly pleated wine-colored tulle 10,000 Legs-worn
16. a slim-fitted skirt crafted from brushed iron grey twill 10,000 Legs-worn

The Naefira Boutique (East)

[The Naefira Boutique]
Thin rays of moonlight seep through the alternating linden and mahogany slats framing the windows of the shop, the beams highlighting the wall-mounted rack of garments dyed in a variety of rich-colored tones. Silk-stitched dress forms stand at the corners of the limestone room, the silhouettes bedecked in handwoven garlands of florals interspersed by verdant ferns. The carved pine counter sits at the center of the pyrographed floor, its surface draped in leaf-framed naefira.
Welcome to The Naefira Boutique!

Seamstress Laerdya Valar offers her Catalog to browse.
Laerdya Valar exclaims, "Greetings stranger, have a look around!"

  1. a lace blouse        15. a lace gown
  2. a leather blouse     16. a leather gown
  3. a paeline blouse     17. a paeline gown
  4. a satin blouse       18. a satin gown
  5. a shot silk blouse   19. a shot silk gown
  6. a silk blouse        20. a silk gown
  7. a velvet blouse      21. a velvet gown
  8. a lace shirt         22. an etched ebony glass vial
  9. a leather shirt      23. an etched black glass vial
  10. a paeline shirt     24. a vine-etched merlot glass vial
  11. a satin shirt       25. a vine-etched wine red glass vial
  12. a shot silk shirt   26. a rose-shaped pale gold compact
  13. a silk shirt        27. a rose-shaped red enamel compact
  14. a velvet shirt      28. a rose-cornered ebony silk cloth

You can APPRAISE, INSPECT or DESCRIBE any item by number, ORDER by number to get pricing and customization options, BUY to purchase, or ORDER HELP for more info.
Clothing can be customized with the following styles:

  1. back-laced            11. jade-buttoned        21. side-slit
  2. cameo-pinned          12. lace-cuffed          22. silk-buttoned
  3. cape-sleeved          13. lace-overlaid        23. silk-cuffed
  4. collarless            14. lace-sleeved         24. single-sleeve
  5. fitted                15. lattice-laced        25. sleeveless
  6. flora-sewn            16. long-sleeved         26. slim-collared
  7. front-laced           17. off-shoulder         27. suede-sleeved
  8. high-collared         18. open-backed          28. thin-striped
  9. high-necked           19. rose-sewn            29. vine-sewn
  10. ivy-stitched         20. side-laced           30. wood-buttoned
Clothing can be customized with the following colors:

  1. ashen                 11. jade                 21. onyx
  2. bronze                12. lapis                22. plum
  3. burgundy              13. lavender             23. sable
  4. chartreuse            14. lilac                24. saffron
  5. copper                15. malachite            25. sepia
  6. ebony                 16. mauve                26. silver
  7. ecru                  17. merlot               27. smoky
  8. emerald               18. mint                 28. topaz
  9. garnet                19. obsidian             29. vanilla
  10. gilded               20. olive                30. vert