The Winter Garden

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The Winter Garden is a Premium Home Wall Hanging shop in Icemule Trace. It is located through the arch in Sweet Dreams Shop and sells tapestries.

[The Winter Garden]
Exquisite wall hangings depicting various flowers and trees decorate the walls of this gallery from top to bottom. The variety of textures and colors available promises something unusual for every discriminating homeowner. You also see a silvery haon archway and the gallery proprietor.


      Price  Item
1.)   70000  a scroll-edged grapevine tapestry
2.)   70000  a soft rose embroidered tapestry
3.)   70000  a scallop-edged blue lily tapestry
4.)   70000  a midnight blue watered silk tapestry
5.)   70000  a soft lavender wisteria tapestry
6.)   70000  an embroidered briar rose tapestry
7.)   70000  a pale green honeysuckle tapestry
8.)   70000  an exquisite multihued rose tapestry
9.)   70000  a small round peach camelia tapestry
10.)  70000  a pale silver haon tree tapestry
11.)  70000  a soft peach tiger lily tapestry
12.)  70000  a soft green acantha leaf tapestry
13.)  70000  a square white blaeston bloom tapestry
14.)  70000  a scroll-edged modwir tree tapestry