The attack on Ta'Ashrim (short story)

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This is a creative work set in the world of Elanthia, attributed to its original author(s). It does not necessarily represent the official lore of GemStone IV.

Title: The attack on Ta'Ashrim

Author: Arianiss Winterfox

Faendryl vs. Ashrim, during the attack on Ta'Ashrim Krin (male) and Alaisian (female)

I'd like to give thanks to lady Jezzebella, lady Tilone, lady Ierne, lady Stormyrain and lady Tarhik for the help in fine tuning this story to that which I am telling you today. I'd also like to thank lady Whyssper for bringing me the happiness needed to create something enjoyable. --Arianiss

(Arianiss glances around, before leaning forward a bit.)

"I must go."


"Because I must."


Krin turned to face Alaisian, buttoning his shirt as he did so. "The attack will start soon."

Alaisian frowned, "Stay with me. I fear... I fear what I felt earlier." A tear trailed its way down her slender cheek, "I fear that you're going to be hurt."

Krin smiled and walked over to the bed, sitting down beside the still resting Alaisian. "I will come back to you, I promise." He placed a kiss on her forehead, his hand brushing hair and the tear away from her cheek.

Alaisian gazed up into his eyes, "I have your word upon your honor, and upon your love."

Krin smiled again and this time brushed his lips over hers in a tender, fleeting touch. "I know."

Sounds of chaos rang throughout the city as Faendryl met Ashrim. The Ashrim fleet was the best Elanthia had ever known, but it wasn't enough. Reports stated that the flagship of the Faendryl, Chesylcha's Revenge, had made it through; Lorminstra was going to be busy that day.

An explosion rocked the building to the left of Krin's unit, the shockwave and debris knocking everyone to the ground.

"Damn! Move move move!" Krin scrambled to his feet and dashed to his left just as a rubble landed where he had been.

"Find shelter and play it smart! Make your way to the harbor and if you see a dark skin, don't hesitate to kill!" Krin yelled to the soldiers spread out in the town square, still recovering from the concussion of the attack. Several of them weren't moving and many others were stained red.

There was no time to hesitate or look after the wounded, survival was key and action was needed.

Krin dashed down a side street, three soldiers following behind him. He glanced at them, issuing a command as he did so; the soldiers nodded in agreement and moved into the formation of a diamond.

Krin spared a glance towards the smoke filled sky, remembering a Restday where he and Alaisian had picnicked in a meadow far outside of the city. The sky had been gorgeous that day, cloudless and a deep blue. A perfect day with the perfect companion.

'Krin cursed slightly, muttering to himself to cease his daydreaming. If he failed his mission, Alaisian would die along with him. Stay focused Krin, stay focused. Krin nodded, answering his own thoughts.

The group of four reached another side street, one that led to the harbor. This was it.

Krin glanced to each of the accompanying soldiers, an unspoken word asked.. ready? Gazes steeled as nods were given.

They made their way down the street, weapons at the ready, slowing as they neared the entrance to the harbor.

Krin risked a glance around the corner, noting the audacity of the nonchalant Faendryl, so engrossed in frivolity about the situation. Look at them, reading their scrolls and laughing to each other! As if this attack was nothing more than a mere walk in the park.

Krin continued to appraise the situation, looking for a possible avenue of attack. These were the Faendryl commanders. While the foot soldiers distracted the Ashrim forces, the commanders would prepare their spells, most likely the same as those used against Maelshyvve. The arrogant human born!

Krin retreated from the opening, returning to his men. Whispering, he gave one last order. "Watch yourselves and stick to the shadows. Surprise will be on our side." he paused then continued, "Arkati speed to us all this day."

Krin returned to the lip of the street, edging into the shadows of the harbor square. No thought on the others, pretend they're already dead. I am the last hope. There can be no failure.

'rin slinked from shadow to shadow, the Faendryl still engrossed in their scrolls. The spell casters first, the guards will need to move in to attack. Quiet, quiet.. almost there...

Krin reached the last shadow, there was no more room for hesitation. It was either now or never.

(Arianiss draws his falchion, his stance an offensive one as he glances left and right, then at you.)

"For Ashrim!!" Krin screamed as he launched his attack upon the Faendryl!

His blade flashed, slicing into the closest robed figure. A mage, female, her expression one of shock and pain as the blade slid past, the form wielding it already moving on to the next figure.

(Arianiss jumps at you! His falchion slices downwards through an imaginary form, the cut passing from left shoulder to right hip!)

Sounds of chaos again rang out as the other three Ashrim soldiers joined the fray. Krin was the closest to the mages and sorcerers, the rest held at bay by Faendryl guards.

"Ki-Yeeahh!" Krin screamed again and again as his rage leapt from his mind and heart into his body. The second Faendryl spell caster fell, a sorcerer judging by the grey robes. No thought, don't stop moving until they're dead. Duck left, dive right, up, thrust, death!

(Arianiss rolls to the left then springs to his feet as he thrusts his falchion into the midsection of the shadow opponent!)

Another spell caster fell to Krin's blade, his face smeared with dirt and blood, as the lines of Faendryl and Ashrim seemed to blur together.

(Arianiss dashes forward, his falchion close to his body and pointing towards his hip, as he slices upwards into the shadows!)

Krin whirled, moving to attack the nearest Faendryl to him.

(Arianiss spins, his glare harsh as he looks for another opponent to attack. He begins to advance towards you!)

"FOR ASHR---EAGHH!!" he screamed as a gout of flame incinerated his left arm!

(Arianiss screams)

Krin slumped to the ground as the mage began to chant again.

(Arianiss staggers to his knees, wincing in pain!)

"No, you won't win! I won't let you!!" Krin struggled to his feet just as the ground erupted beneath him, his body flying backwards into the wall of a nearby building. "Aggh!

(Arianiss stumbles)

(Arianiss falls)

Adrenaline flowed through him, his movements not thought but instead done. He rolled to the left, avoiding another burst of flame. A happenchance glance told him that one of his men was dead, the other two still trying to get to his side.

The mage glared at Krin, "Foolish Ashrim! Your death is my trophy!"

"Never!" Krin staggered to his feet and lunged at the Faendryl mage, a lightning bolt leaving a scorch mark where he had been.

(Arianiss stands)

(Arianiss lunges at you, coming just short of hitting you with his falchion!)

The mage fell to one knee as the blade bit into his leg, Krin rolling with the impact of his landing and somehow regaining his footing.

The mage clenched his fists and began chanting, his gaze set upon Krin as he dashed towards him. Tears from unfelt pain left thin trails down the sides of Krin's cheeks, a moment later, their forms met.

Krin spun, letting his momentum carry his blade around and towards the Faendryl as the mage pointed at him.

(Arianiss dashes to the left, skipping into the air and spinning!)

"YEAAGGHHH!" Krin screamed, all his energy being put into forcing the blade through fabric, then bone, then the super-heated air of a firestorm.

The Faendryl mage slumped to the ground a second before Krin did.

(Arianiss staggers to the ground, his blade falling from his grasp.)

(Arianiss pants)

(Arianiss composes himself, sheathing his falchion and again sitting before you, his rage being replaced by calm.)

"Krin! Krin!"

He felt dull. He couldn't describe it to himself. He felt dull.


His eyes opened, his gaze focusing upon the bloodied face of his soldier, the other kneeling over him on the other side.

"Krin, you did it. You got them all."

" it over..?" spoken as he gasped for air.

"No, we have a chance. You did it. You created a chance."

Krin's body racked itself with convulsions, his men trying to bandage what wounds they could.

(Arianiss twitchs)

He smiled tranquilly as he whispered, "..we..will..never..die..", his gaze twitching upwards.

The two soldiers kneeling over his broken body closed their eyes, as they lowered their heads.

(Arianiss sighs softly.)

(Arianiss hangs his head)

Krin watched them for a moment before turning to walk away. The sky above the meadow, so blue and cloudless. The sun, so warm against his skin. The food from the picnic, comfortable inside his belly.

He smiled and turned to the form standing at his side. His voice, a mere whisper on the breeze, spoke as his body reached out to embrace that which he treasured most...


(Arianiss closes his eyes, lowering his gaze to signal the finish.)