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Arianiss Winterfox
Arianiss and Aethyra Winterfox by Stormyrain
Race Elf
Culture Illistim
Hometown Ahyar
Class Cleric
Profession Adventurer
Religion Mixed
Affiliation(s) Rone Academy, The TownCrier, Order of Lorekeepers, Gilded Talon Consortium
Primary Trait Protective
Flaw Impulsive
Hobbies Pennant Chase, Dragon Bones, adventuring
Soft Spots cats, foxes, bears
Best Friend Roelon McColend
Spouse Aethyra Winterfox

Arianiss was raised in Ahyar, a village within moderate travel distance of Ta'Illistim, by his adoptive mother Talianthra Ylfaena Illistim. It is important to note, however, that this is not where he was born, and further, that the location of his birth is completely unknown to him.


You see Arianiss Winterfox the Adventurer.
He appears to be an Elf.
He is average height and has a lithesome, nimble build. He appears to be youthful. He has argent-lashed vibrant cerulean blue eyes and fair skin. He has long, pale silver hair awash with twilight blue lowlights that curtains his back. He has long slender ears gently rising to a tapered point.
He has some spiraling silver and black rings dangling a tiny crescent moon in the upper ridge of his left ear.
He is in good shape.
He is wearing a crystalline snow fox pendant, a knee-length twilight grey cloak, a tiny white jade snowhare pin, some rose-toned elven scalemail, a tailored white linen shirt, a smooth black alloy bracer, a pair of ethereal blue linen handwraps, a heart-etched faenor wedding band, some fitted black leather pants, and some faded leather hiking boots with fur-lined cuffs.

Click Here to Expand Icemule Trace Town Councillor Appearance

You see Arianiss Winterfox the Town Councillor of Icemule Trace.
He appears to be an Elf.
He is average height and has a lithesome, nimble build. He appears to be youthful. He has argent-lashed vibrant cerulean blue eyes and fair skin. He has long, pale silver hair awash with twilight blue lowlights that curtains his back. He has long slender ears gently rising to a tapered point.
He has some spiraling silver and black rings dangling a tiny crescent moon in the upper ridge of his left ear.
He is in good shape.
He is wearing a crystalline snow fox pendant, an icy blue leather jacket bearing the burrows of Icemule Trace, a tiny white jade snowhare pin, a fitted black silk vest with silver buttons over a garnet silk shirt with short tailored sleeves, a heart-etched faenor engagement band, some fitted black leather pants, and some faded leather hiking boots with fur-lined cuffs.

Noteworthy Events




  • Elected to the Icemule Trace Town Council (July 2020 to December 2021 term)


  • Reached 100th training


  • De-aged by Lorminstra


  • Arrived in Wehnimer's Landing
  • Arrived in Ta'Loenthra


  • Lorminstra encounter and start of clerical dedication


  • Start of Elven Nations walkabout
  • Removed from Sapphire Guard
  • ??? encounter
  • Talianthra dies


  • Ta'Illistim Sapphire Guard training starts


  • Ta'Illistim Loremaster schooling starts


  • Adopted by Talianthra


  • ??? was born to ??? and ??? in ???

Icemule Trace Town Council

5121 Candidate Speech

This candidate speech was given on the evening of December 22nd, 2021 in Icemule Trace.

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Reiphe says, "Our final speaker is Arianiss."

Arianiss gently brushes his silver hair away from his eyes and, with a deft twist of his wrist, tucks it behind one ear.

Arianiss takes a few steps toward a weathered spruce podium.

Arianiss turns around.

Arianiss says, "It has taken me all night to make the decision I made."

Arianiss removes a frost blue parchment from in his blue leather jacket.

Arianiss says, "I brought my to do list, if I may be indulged..."

Arianiss taps a frost blue parchment, which is in his right hand.

Arianiss reads, "A plaque in Clovertooth with the names of metal slab donaters. Faire of the North preparations. Fix the statue. More gate guards and methods for citizens to have authority in the town guard. Kadya and her Eorgina request. Mend relations with the King of Ta'Vaalor. Create relations with other cities to elevate Icemule. What to do about the traitor now that we know who they are."

Arianiss gazes about with intense interest at his surroundings, his cerulean blue eyes pausing briefly on everything nearby.

Arianiss queries, "What does it mean to be an Icemulian?"

Arianiss paces back and forth.

Arianiss continues, "Is it spending every day in town? Exploring only the Rift? Perhaps it is making sure Icemule stands alone, glory or bust?"

(Arianiss turns, his gaze settling on you and those around you.)

Arianiss asks, "Hmm?"

Arianiss raises an eyebrow.

Arianiss says, "I hear the things that are said. I know the feelings that are felt. You cannot please everyone, but this position does have to be able to please most."

Arianiss continues, "I am not here to persuade anyone to agree with me or my methods. Rather, I am here to tell you that I have not, at any point, been disingenuous. I have not, at any point, relegated Icemule, you, to background status. Aethyra, my fiance, can certainly attest to that, much to her frustrations."

Arianiss smiles at Aethyra.

Arianiss adds, "..and yet, I am not afraid to keep doing it, to keep putting Icemule first. It is not easy at times, but that is the nature of things."

Arianiss says, "The nice thing about this is that, with me, you know what to expect. That is not to say I am inflexible, but that I will continue to balance remaining true to myself while making sure to stay true to you."

Arianiss asks, "Am I the best person to be on the Council?"

(Arianiss again sweeps his gaze across those assembled.)

Arianiss states, "Perhaps."

Arianiss shrugs.

Arianiss adds, "Perhaps not."

Arianiss says, "I feel that we have seen what works, what does not, what we prefer, and what we do not. This is the time to make your voices heard, and all I want is that you choose what you feel is best for yourself, and for Icemule."

Arianiss continues, "I am confident in my perception of myself as an Icemulian.. in the past, present, and future. I am confident in my core values. I am confident that the Council will be in good hands, and I feel that it is okay for me to sit this term out so that we can explore more styles of leadership."

Arianiss firmly says, "I withdraw my candidacy and offer luck to everyone running."

Arianiss smiles.

Arianiss graciously says, "Thank you for listening to me tonight."

Arianiss inclines his head.

5120 Candidate Speech

This candidate speech was given on the evening of June 24th, 2020 in Icemule Trace.

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Reiphe says, "Our first speaker tonight will be Arianiss Winterfox."

Arianiss confidently takes a few steps toward a weathered spruce podium.

(Arianiss looks out over the assembled crowd, his gaze settling on you for a brief moment before passing on to the person next to you. He smiles and leans forward against the podium.)

Arianiss says, "My name is Arianiss Winterfox, and I am a cleric of mixed Arkati. I am sure many of you do not know me very well, and perhaps do not even know my name. That is okay."

Arianiss smiles.

Arianiss says, "My history with Icemule is from a long time ago, much like Master Honeybrook. I laughed, and smiled, and loved here. I hunted the wraiths and zombies and arch wights. I defended the town against Thurfel, the Vvrael, and the Vishmiir. I was perhaps the youngest to brave the trail into Pinefar when we went exploring the mountain for it. I bled and died, here. I do consider Icemule to be my home, even if I am not here all the time."

(Arianiss gently grips the sides of the podium, again looking out and scanning through the crowd to meet returned gazes.)

Arianiss says, "..but that is the past, and we need to focus on the present, and the future."

(Arianiss releases the podium and taps his chin as he ponders his thoughts a moment.)

Arianiss says, "I am a world traveler, and thus I have seen many systems that have worked, and many systems that have not worked."

Arianiss says, "I would bring to the Council that knowledge, and awareness, and experience. I would bring a tempered and fair mind, but one also willing to go to battle for those under my care."

Arianiss says, "My desire for the future of Icemule is to see the desires of all of our Mayor candidates, including those of Mistress Wineberry, brought to fruition. They all sound good. They all sound beneficial to our future."

Arianiss says, "I desire to keep the Council, and Mayor, held fast to the community and to be available for interaction and discussion. I do not want there to be secrets, or whispers, or dark machinations. I do not want an open door policy.." he pauses, "..I do not want there to be a door at all."

Arianiss smiles.

Arianiss says, "My name is Arianiss Winterfox, and I want to be your voice on the Council. Thank you."

(Arianiss smiles, again meeting your gaze and that of those around you, before he steps away from the podium and back into the crowd.)

Arkati Influences as of 5122

Foundation: Imaera.

Core Influences (strongest first): Lorminstra, Luukos, V'tull == Zelia == Ivas == (Fash'lo'nae / Lumnis).


This story was posted on November 1st, 1998.

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[Leanegor, Meadow]
The meadow gives off a feeling of warmth, the swaying grass seeming to caress your skin where it touches. In the center standing strong is an oak tree of immense size, it's branches hanging low and providing a shelter of shade. Trees provide a protective ring to the meadow, as if this was a place that even nature itself wanted to keep a secret. You also see: Arianiss, Keelia and Kyreesis.

Keelia exclaims, "Grandpa, tell us another story!" long, slender ears being revealed by her jubilant movements.

Kyreesis exclaims, "Yeah, tell us another one!" his movements just as excited.

Arianiss groans slightly, his hands slowly moving to brush hair away from his face as he glances at the twins.

Arianiss coughs and says, "Another? You two are certainly curious.."

Keelia asks, "Mother says stories are the best teachers..pleaaassse?"

Kyreesis asks, "Please grandpa?"

Arianiss gazes up into the sky, squinting at the glare from the sun.

Arianiss asks, "Did I tell you about how I met your grandmother?"

The twins exclaim in unison, "Yes!"

Arianiss asks, "Hrmm."

Kyreesis asks, "Tell us about how you became the high priest of Lorminstra?"

Arianiss chuckles, coughing slightly.

Arianiss says, "That's a long story, one filled with many arduous tasks, tasks that never were completed in one night, let alone, one cycle. Perhaps, instead, I'll tell you this..."

Arianiss furrows his brow, wrinkles creasing his forehead.

Arianiss says, "Once, long ago, my future was undetermined. I had no arkati to call my own and every day I felt the influence of Luukos himself..."

Keelia asks, "Is this when Lorminstra punished you?"

Arianiss glances at Keelia and says, "Shh little one, no, that was much earlier in my life. This is what I consider to be the crossroads of my life, where, had one thing been different, we might not be here talking today.."

The two elves gasp in amazement, their eyes opening wider in childlike wonder.

Arianiss says, "It all started at the festival of the Ebon Gate......"

[Lorminstra's Garden, East Altar]
The trees ring this small clearing, guarding the sanctity of the goddess's altar like timeworn sentinels. A grey granite altar stands in the center of the clearing, surrounded by wild mournbloom bushes. A lone white candle burns on the altar, its flame barely flickering in the slight breeze.

The candle's flame flickers strongly as a chill breeze whips through the clearing. A whisp of shadows and then a form appears from within, that of an elf, female in appearance.

The elf says, "You have come Arianiss."

Arianiss furrows his brow and says, "I felt drawn here.."

The elf says, "All are. This festival celebrates the return of the dead for a short time. I grant each person who is brave enough to venture here, the chance to meet with the deceased."

Arianiss glances warily at the elf while asking, "Should I believe you?"

The elf chuckles softly, "You still believe me to be responsible for all that has happened to you. The path begins within oneself, not elsewhere."

Arianiss watches the elf's movements, her body young and athletic, yet, her eyes betraying the age, wisdom and sorrow of many lifetimes of generations gone by.

The elf continues, her voice soft and soothing, "Deep within I see that which you long to see, that you wish to speak with..but your parents are not yet dead Arianiss. Choose wisely who you wish to bring to the living for you can only choose once."

Arianiss blinks slightly, the elf's words coming as a shock to him.

Arianiss pauses a moment before saying, "My foster mother, Talianthra. There were many things I never had a chance to say to her.." he sighs softly before continuing, ", we are not on the best of terms so to speak, but I ask this of you, if need be, I will beg this of you..let me see her."

The elf nods once as she steps into the shadows surrounding the clearing, "For those who wait..." and then she is gone.


Time seems to pass first.

Arianiss sits.

Arianiss seems to be waiting for something.


Arianiss sits there, his legs crossed in front of him, his hands resting on his knees, his breathing rythmic as if..he's asleep.

An elven woman slowly walks past the ring of trees, her eyes focused on Arianiss.

She reaches him, noting his current state of awareness, and gently rests a hand on his shoulder.

Arianiss shivers, as all do when awakened, and glances around, "Wha? Xeldria love?"

The elf smiles and says, "No, is that her name? She's quite lovely and seems nice for you."

Arianiss blinks a few times as his eyes adjust to the light, his gaze resting on the strangers.

Arianiss asks, "Who, are you?"

The elf smiles again, "I am as I was in my youth Aria, I am the one who raised you from child."

Arianiss stammers, "M..m..mother?" he blinks again, his voice catching in his throat.

Without another word, he stands and embraces her, his eyes closed. She returns the embrace, her warmth enfolding them both.


They sit, her in clothing of nature, he in clothing of the night, their voices added to the sounds of the evening.

Arianiss says, "I've missed you mother..I wish it..." he lets the words trail off, catching his mistake as it happens.

Talianthra smiles and says, "It's alright, I've made peace with myself and what inevitably comes to all."

Arianiss nods slowly, "I wish it had never happened."

Talianthra says, "It had too, it was my time. I lived my life well and have no regrets." she gently touches his cheek with her hand.

Arianiss nods again, "I still wish it hadn't had to happen." he sighs, "There's so much I wanted to tell you."

Talianthra asks, "And you cannot tell me now?"

Talianthra chuckles softly.

Arianiss glances at Talianthra.

Arianiss says, "I'm confused mother, my spirit is in jeapordy of being lost.." he sighs, "..and there's nothing I can do about it."

Talianthra nods sagely and asks, "Luukos?"

Arianiss peers quizzically at Talianthra and asks, "Yes. You know of it?"

Talianthra smiles.

Talianthra says, "I know many things, the spirit realm can see all that happens within the the living, we simply cannot do anything about it. Lorminstra is right Aria, you "are" to hard on yourself at times, and still as stubborn as when you were little."

Talianthra giggles softly, her hand rising to cover her mouth, though, the smile still shows through.

Arianiss sighs and asks, "What should I do?"

Talianthra says, "I can't answer that, only you can Aria. But forgiveness is perhaps where you should start. Not entirely are the arkati responsible for your problems Aria."

Arianiss sighs again, his gaze focused on one of the many stars in the night sky.


Keelia asks, "What happened then grandpa?"

Arianiss says, "We talked for more of the evening, about things that had happened, about things that might happen. We talked as a mother does to a son, and as a son does to a mother." he smiles before continuing, "We didn't have much time, she had to return before the dawn came, but it was time I will never forget."

Kyreesis asks, "What about Lorminstra? When did you become a follower of her?"

Arianiss shakes his head slowly, "That didn't happen for some time after that evening, I spent a half a cycle just keeping to myself, meditating and thinking. I slowly began to return to her, but there were many tasks and that, my little ones, is a story for tomorrow...."