Theatre Andaire

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Theater Andaire can be found on Rubicaene Way, adjacent to the Ta'Vaalor Bard Guild. The theater features a stage with dressing rooms, and working curtains and lights.


Item Flavors Price
a crystal flute of water Nearly icy to the touch, the flute of water is fresh and crisp.
Cool and clear, the sparkling liquid is refreshing and soothing.
a glass of fruity rum punch The mixture of fruit flavors mingles with the warm rum taste and invades your senses.
The tart rum flavor warms your body.
a mug of tangy apple mead The apple flavor lingers on the palate as the thick brew slides down your throat.
Each warm sip tastes of apples steeped in cinnamon.
a glass of rich nut and berry liqueur The creamy liqueur goes down smoothly, carrying with it a hint of berry flavor.
The almond aftertaste complements the fruity cream of this smooth beverage.
an iced lemon butter cookie It may not be good for you, but it sure is good!
It is almost rich enough to stop your heart.
a mint and dark chocolate bar The bitter dark chocolate melts smoothly in your mouth.
The mint flavoring is almost overwhelming mixed with the bitter chocolate.
a petite frosted cake It is sweet enough to make your teeth ache.
You can almost feel the sugar running through your veins.