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Thistleberry is the NPC alchemist in Kharam Dzu on Teras Isle. His shop is Thistleberry's Hut west of the Bazaar on the west side of town.

People looking to sell alchemy supplies can do so through the arch in his shop.


Thistleberry looks to be quite old, but not what some would call ancient. He wears a dirt-stained smock, some soft brown sandals and the smile of one dedicated to his work.


A tiny gecko scurries up the wall of the shop.

Gently, Thistleberry tends his pots of plants. "The key to excellence is the care you put into the work," he explains.

Gingerly, Thistleberry pours some liquid from one bottle into another. Smoke pours from the new mixture, then settles with a small puff.

Picking up a soft cloth, Thistleberry carefully dusts the bottles on the shelves.

The alchemist's brow furrows in concentration as he carefully distills a potion over a small flame.

Thistleberry begins to sweep his shop, almost knocking several things over with the broomstick. When he nearly pokes your eye out, he smiles sheepishly and puts the broom back.

Thistleberry rubs his forehead, gaining little relief from the tension.

Thistleberry shakes out a bundle of grass, then selects some and begins grinding it with a mortar and pestle.

Thistleberry sniffs a flower with a happy smile, enjoying the scent. He then begins to mercilessly mash it for one of his mixes.

Thistleberry sniffs around the room, obviously puzzled about something.

Thistleberry walks over to a shelf and pulls down a bottle. "I wonder if this is still good?" He gently pulls the stopper and sniffs. Blinking rapidly, he puts the bottle back. "Ah, yes, it is."

With great care, the alchemist lights a bit of incense and captures the smoke in a dark glass bottle.


R>ask Thistleberry about amulet
Thistleberry says, "Carefully crafted... soft strong string... accepts any spell you care to put in it."

>ask Thistleberry about jar
Thistleberry says, "A simple container. Quite useful for making small amulets."

>ask Thistleberry about potion
Thistleberry says, "Which potion were you interested in?"

>ask Thistleberry about runestaff
Thistleberry says, "Runestaves! Weapons for those that work magics!"

>ask Thistleberry about sisfu
Thistleberry says, "Hmm yes... suitable for those seeking enchantment. Very expensive... don't sell much of it."

>ask Thistleberry about smelly
Thistleberry says, "Nasty stuff! Potion of change... handy to have but oh the smell!"

>ask Thistleberry about string
Thistleberry says, "Soft, resilient... perfect for the making of amulets."

>ask Thistleberry about wand
Thistleberry says, "Carefully crafted... nice balance... accepts any spell you care to put in it."