Thistleberry's Hut

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Thistleberry's Hut is the alchemist shop in Kharam Dzu. It is located in a cottage down a pebble path on the west end of Citrine Street on the west side of town. It also sells several runestaves.

[Thistleberry's Hut]
An odd combination of pungent and acrid smells lingers thickly in the cramped confines of the hut. Occasional sharp twinges sting your nose and send ripples down your spine. Spherical glass pots hang from the ceiling between bunches of drying grass. Viny tendrils spill over the rafters, moving gracefully with slight air currents drifting in and out of the open doorway. Lines of shelves stretch wall-to-wall behind a wooden counter, displaying scads of vari-colored jars along their lengths. You also see a dark wood table, the alchemist Thistleberry, a modwir sign and a curtained arch.


Welcome to Thistleberry's Hut!

The alchemist Thistleberry offers his catalog to browse.
Thistleberry exclaims, "Greetings stranger, have a look around!"

  1. a thanot wand                  18. a polished obsidian runestone
  2. a modwir wand                  19. an aish'vrak potion
  3. a tanik wand                   20. a gold-studded ironwood runestaff
  4. an oak wand                    21. a silver-banded kakore runestaff
  5. a maoral wand                  22. a silver-veined mossbark runestaff
  6. a thanot amulet                23. an ora-flecked rowan runestaff
  7. a modwir amulet                24. a thick glass vial
  8. a tanik amulet                 25. a clear glaes mortar
  9. an oak amulet                  26. a smoky glaes pestle
  10. a maoral amulet               27. a small crystal flask
  11. a smelly potion               28. some waxy translucent chalk
  12. a gemynd potion               29. some fine crystalline chalk
  13. some hnecca string            30. a leather book
  14. a simple jar                  31. a translucent glaes jar
  15. a stained thanot rune brush   32. a black glaes tattooing needle
  16. a glaes vial of rune ink      33. an obsidian jar of tattoo ink
  17. a sturdy glaes cup

Through the arch inside the cottage one will find the Alchemy sale and resale areas.

Outside the cottage in the wooded glade there is a bench with a sarmoc potion on it. This sarmoc potion sells for 1000 silvers.

Item Price Information
a thanot wand 5220
a modwir wand 7500
a tanik wand 10100
an oak wand 4000
a maoral wand 12000
a thanot amulet 5220 neck worn
a modwir amulet 7500 neck worn
a tanik amulet 10100 neck worn
an oak amulet 4000 neck worn
a maoral amulet 12000 neck worn
a smelly potion 6000
a gemynd potion 2000 Used to make a private ESP system channel
some hnecca string 500 Used to make a private ESP system channel
a simple jar 200 Used to make a private ESP system channel
a stained thanot rune brush 5000 Used in making runestones
a glaes vial of rune ink 1500 Used in making runestones
a sturdy glaes cup 200 Used in making runestones
a polished obsidian runestone 10000 Prepared runestone
an aish'vrak potion 7000 Used in making runestones
a gold-studded ironwood runestaff 500
a silver-banded kakore runestaff 33000
a silver-veined mossbark runestaff 72000
an ora-flecked rowan runestaff 99000
a thick glass vial 10000 Used to collect Sea Water or troll's blood
a clear glaes mortar 9000 Used to grind components for Alchemy or Animate Dead (730)
a smoky glaes pestle 5000 Used to grind components for Alchemy or Animate Dead (730)
a small crystal flask 1000 Used to collect Sea Water
some waxy translucent chalk 1000 Used in Planar Shift (740)
some fine crystalline chalk 50000 Used in Planar Shift (740)
a leather book 2000 Used in Planar Shift (740), customizable colors
a translucent glaes jar 1100 Used to hold Alchemy components or gems; customizable colors