Those Aren't Tears/2018-08-27 Penre Peddles (log)

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This log is from premium storyline Those Aren't Tears on August 27, 2018, from the viewpoint of Lady Darcena Wolf-Valslayer.


  • Penre was in Mist Harbor to do advertised merchant services.
  • Penre mentioned that Mazorn had warned him about Darcena and that he's still dredging the bay (for the chest)
  • Penre says Nazhor would love to meet Darcena and that he's the new owner of Cendadric's

GM Cast: Penre

Adventurers (who interacted): Cortix, Lady Darcena, Lady Elysia, Felicitii, Siys, Vaeronir, Winrie

Log Snippets

Editor’s note: Many of the ambient noises or individuals interacting with each other outside of the scope of the events of the night have been removed from this retelling. Grammar and spelling has been corrected for ease of understanding. Actions have been combined in places to reduce the length while maintaining the atmosphere. Some conversational pieces that were meant to happen sequentially but did not due to the nature of parsing speech in the game (i.e., player A says one piece of information, player B asks a question, player A continues with more information, then player A answers the question) have been reordered (e.g., player A says both pieces of information, player B asks a question, player A answers the question) in every situation where it makes sense to do so and doesn’t disrupt the actual proceedings.

Penre Peddles

[Oleander Avenue]
Somewhere nearby, a nest of robins is alive with the cries of hungry young.  Standing alone on one side of the street is an ornate stone building, its militant appearance a stark contrast to the colorful awnings across the way.  The pattern of woven ivy and fir garlands, strung from the wrought iron lamps lining the street, creates dancing shadows across the cobblestones below as the moonlight strikes it.  You also see Penre's work list, the Roselash disk, the Lanzerik disk, the Angellos disk, the seaweed-covered Luathaich disk, a driftwood sign, the rich amethyst-hued Elysia disk painted with a silver harp and the Cortix disk.
Also here: Lady Goheena, Wolfstarr, Isheya, Swifflebop, Ovtrok, Mister Qoobaba, Madala, Roselash, Lanzerik, Lunaryna, Lord Angellos, Laete, Luathaich, Lady Kinsley, Siierra, Asad, Daheus, Owann, Kadeja, Tenika, Aethor, Lady Elysia, Lady Nysali, Cadock, Varend, Carini, Karisi, Zenzao who is sitting, Bindee, Vaeronir, Aminara, Nimra, Elinore, Mister Cortix, Kalynwulf, Lady in Waiting Rendena, Peddler Penre
Obvious paths: east, west

You see Peddler Penre.
He appears to be a Human.
He is average height.  He appears to be past his prime.  He has cataract-marbled milky white eyes and sallow skin.  He has shoulder length, oily black hair which lies in limp clumps across his features.  He has a non-symmetrical face, a poorly-set broken nose and a heavy scar across his neckline.
He has an inked blood red droplet on his neck.
He is in good shape.
He is holding a thick wolverine fur cloak striped in ebony in his right hand.
He is wearing a badly-faded black leather cloak, a desiccated black rose, a frayed hemp belt, a dilapidated sack, and some bedraggled trousers.

>read sign
In the Common language, it reads:
I'll be altering the way things look, making them lighter, or fixing them up so they can carry more.  No working on faces or bodies... with these hands, nobody wants to chance that.  Fee will be 25,000 silvers, and I can send runners as needed.

Penre glances at you.
You glance at Penre.
Speaking raspily to you, Penre says, "Mazorn warned me about you."
You grin slowly at Penre.
Speaking to Penre, Cortix says, "Seems a little short of a stick bundle if ya get me."
You run the tip of your tongue over the point of one of your fangs.
Penre raises an eyebrow in your direction.
Speaking slowly to Penre, you growl, "Where is ... good ... Mazorn?"
Speaking raspily to you, Penre says, "Probably still dredging the Bay at this point."
You say, "I haven't seen him on my trips. Perhaps I should spend more time there looking."
Darcena smiles but it doesn't reach her eyes.
Speaking raspily to you, Penre says, "Have you met Nazhor yet?  I bet he'd love to make your acquaintance."
You raise an eyebrow in Penre's direction.
You curiously ask, "No. Who is this Nazhor?"
Speaking raspily to you, Penre says, "He's the new owner of Cendadric's.  As of a few days ago."
You surprisedly ask, "Oh, really?"
You say, "I was just there and good ol' Cendadric was sitting in his usual spot."
You say, "Na---"
You rub your chin thoughtfully.
Speaking raspily to you, Penre says, "Cendadric is apparently doing his best to pretend like nothing happened."
You ask, "Nazhor kept him employed?"
Speaking to Penre, you ask, "Wouldn't he be overjoyed to sell his business?"
You raise an eyebrow in Penre's direction.
Speaking raspily to you, Penre says, "I just made the introductions.  The two of them closed the deal."
You ponder.
You wrinkle your nose.
You say, "Sounds fishy."
You smirk at Penre.

Penre contorts his face in an ugly grin.
You stare at Penre.
You furrow up your face and wince.
Speaking to Penre, you ask, "Don't you think you could have put a shirt on?"
Speaking raspily to you, Penre says, "Maybe I have one on under the robe."
Felicitii melodically says, "I think he looks just fine without one."
Speaking to Penre, you whisper aloud, "What robe?"
Siys takes a moment to observe Penre.
Speaking to you, Elysia asks, "Do you want to tell him he's wearing no robe?  Or should I?"
Speaking raspily to you, Penre whispers aloud, "It's under the cloak."
Felicitii giggles.
You snicker at Elysia.
Elysia squints at Penre.
Winrie quietly says, "He can hardly see, you cannot expect him to dress impeccably."
Speaking solemnly to Winrie, you say, "I see."
Winrie amusedly asks, "At least he has his rose?"
Speaking to Winrie, you say, "Not something I can fix, I'm afraid."
Vaeronir says, "S'ok, just keep the cloak closed and we'll all be fine."
You nod eagerly at Vaeronir.
You give a sidelong glance at Penre.
You furrow up your face and wince.
Winrie starts chuckling at you!
Winrie flushes slightly, some color reaching her cheeks.
Penre taps a long black scarf stitched with vibrant red roses, which is in his right hand.
Winrie brightly exclaims, "I suppose the trousers when pulled high enough can double for a blouse!"
You groan at Winrie.
Penre grins wryly.
Winrie beams happily!
You bury your face in your hands.
Elysia leans on you, giving you a companionable grin, and you note the scent of spring water, juniper berry, and vetiver around her.
Speaking to you, Elysia says, "At least he covered the bottom parts."
Elysia has a light, clean fragrance teasing the air around her, with notes of fresh spring water and juniper berry foremost.  Underlying is a base of green vetiver.
Speaking lightly to Elysia, you say, "Smelling good tonight."
Speaking raspily to Elysia, Penre says, "In deference to delicate sensibilities."
Elysia grins at Penre.
Speaking to Penre, Elysia says, "You could cut holes for your head and arms in that sack and it would make a very fine shirt."
Speaking raspily to Elysia, Penre says, "It's too warm here for all those layers."
Penre waves his hand in a dismissive gesture.
Elysia gazes with a bemused expression at Penre.
Speaking to Elysia, Vaeronir says, "It would need to be burlap for him to do it justice."

Speaking to Winrie, you whisper aloud, "What do you think he looks like under that cloak?"
You glance over at Winrie and wince.
Winrie grins sheepishly at you.
(Winrie bleets like a rolton.)
Penre glances at you.
Felicitii melodically says, "You know how old people like their naps."
Winrie giggles at you.
Felicitii giggles.
Penre pulls his cloak tighter around himself.
You chortle.
Speaking to Winrie, you say, "Probably pretty wrinkly."
Speaking dryly to you, Winrie says, "One poke and he is all dust bunnies and burlap fibers."
Penre ponders.
Speaking throatily to Penre, Winrie says, "No shame in aging."

Penre glances at you.
You unbuckle the leather harness and shrug out of the various straps, freeing yourself from it.
You offer your leather harness to Penre, who has 30 seconds to accept the offer.  Click CANCEL to prematurely cancel the offer.
 Penre has accepted your offer and is now holding a frayed leather harness.
You quietly whisper to Penre, "I would like this to be a well-oiled slate battle harness, please."
Speaking raspily to you, Penre says, "Not really your style."
Penre nods in agreement to you.
You nod at Penre.
You say, "Needs a little touch up."
Penre taps a well-oiled slate battle harness, which is in his right hand.
Penre raspily asks, "Like so?"
You nod at Penre.
Speaking raspily to you, Penre exclaims, "Enjoy it!"
You mutter, "It's like Gowrick told you or something."
Penre snickers at you!
Speaking raspily to you, Penre says, "I haven't had the pleasure of meeting the old fool."
You honestly say, "I like him."
You nod once.
You give a sidelong glance at Penre.
You say, "See you around."