Thoughtful's Dead Fishes

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Thoughtful's Dead Fishes is a Premium Home Wall Hanging shop in Kharam Dzu. It is located west and two southwest of the main entrance to the Teras premium furniture emporium.

[Thoughtful's Dead Fishes] RNUM: 12429
Every vertical surface in the room is covered with stuffed dead fish. Some bright, some faded -- almost every type of fish ever seen in the local waters, immortalized under a thin veneer of shiny polish. You also see Thoughtful.


      Price  Item
1.)   12000  some stuffed rainbow guppies
2.)   12000  a coiled river eel
3.)   12000  a dead mackerel
4.)   14000  a stuffed flying fish
5.)   14000  a silver-striped trout
6.)   14000  some tropical butterfly fishes
7.)   15000  a largemouth bass
8.)   15000  a pair of yellow piranhas
9.)   15000  an enormous pink salmon
10.)  16000  an enormous swordfish
11.)  16000  a bloated puffer fish
12.)  17000  a deep-sea squid