Thurl's Leaf and Drink

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Thurl's Leaf and Drink is the tobacco shop in Kharam Dzu. It is located on the west side of town through a painted door at the corner of Citrine and Gold.

[Thurl's Leaf and Drink]
A thin cloud of smoke hovers throughout the shop. Shelves fill almost every inch of wall space, most overstocked with tins of tobacco. Bundles of drying tobacco hang above a dark wood counter. A window behind the counter allows a small amount of moonlight into the room, but what does enter scatters in the haze to create a pale silver glow. You also see the shopkeeper Thurl.


Item Price
a green glaes pipe 62500
a gold-inlaid silver pipe 62500
a red-striped green pipe pipe 62500
a crude glaes pipe 12500
an ora-inlaid reg glaes pipe 62500
an ora-lipped glaes pipe 62500
a red glaes pipe 62500
a silver-inlaid ashwood pipe 62500
a simple mahogany pipe 62500
an ora-inlaid blue pipe 62500
a gold-banded black glaes pipe 62500
a gold-inlaid rosewood pipe 62500
a carved granite pipe 62500
a gold-studded obsidian pipe 62500
some blueberry pipe tobacco 1250
some brown chocolate pipe tobacco 1250
some dark orange pipe tobacco 1250
some red cherry pipe tobacco 1250
some yellow lemon pipe tobacco 1250
some light peach pipe tobacco 1250
a red glaes jar 6250
a gold-inlaid green glass jar 6250
a jade-studded orange tin 6250
a gold-inlaid red tin 6250
a simple silver tin 6250
a plain grey tin 6250
a black-banded grey tin 6250
a pure white tin 6250
a Borthuum Clan tin 6250
a silver-inlaid green tin 6250
a bronze-inlaid red tin 6250
a simple glaes-studded tin 6250
a skinny brown cigar 2500
a thick black cigar 2500
a long brown cigar 2500
a fat pungent cigar 2500
a small oilskin pouch 125

Note: The tins are decorative and contain no tobacco.


Thurl stands tall and proud.  His red beard is neatly trimmed and his hair is cut short.  A knife is constantly in his hand, ready to cut tobacco or to whittle a new pipe.

A breeze blows stirs the rich scent of tobacco throughout the room.

A small breeze blows through the room, stirring the hanging tobacco leaves.

Thurl leans over the counter, looking around with a bored expression on his face.

Thurl looks around the shop for new customers.

Thurl mumbles something about the weather.

Thurl puffs on a cigar.

Thurl scratches idly at the back of his neck.

Thurl slaps at a fly annoying him.

Thurl sorts some tobacco leaves.

Thurl stretches then returns to his work.

Thurl sweeps some tobacco bits off the counter.

Thurl yawns loudly.


>ask Thurl about jar
Thurl states, "These jars are perfect for tobacco. Best ever made."

>ask Thurl about pipe
Thurl says, "My pipes are the best you'll find this side of the DragonSpine. Make 'em myself!"

>ask Thurl about tin
Thurl says, "These are quality tins for storing your tobacco leaves."

>ask Thurl about tobacco
Thurl states, "Tobacco is the greatest crop to ever be grown. Just look at how many people enjoy it. Why, even those crazy halflings enjoy a good pipe!"