Tikba (prime)/Peace, For the Landing

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(OOC note that this is an IC letter, intended as rhetoric.)

Tikba posts another letter on the message board, near Vaemyr's. Hers is lower on the board, partly out of deference, and partly because Vaemyr is taller.

My friends:

All the citizens of Wehnimer's Landing should give thanks to Sir Bristenn Mires and the Order of the Azure Sun for their promise to safeguard and protect the settlers of Darkstone Barony. These valiant knights can be relied upon unquestioningly to ensure the safety of the settlers.

We must also be grateful for the sagacity and charity of Lady Athalia Malwind, who has opened the gates of Vornavis to any settlers of Darkstone who prefer a safe and warm bed to the rude comforts and certain dangers of the frontier. Those settlers who feel that the reivers present too grave a danger will know now that they can safely retreat to a barony that is already established and ready to provide refuge to any in need.

Although Haidan has offered us the chance to keep the Landing and its people safe, any of us might feel an obligation to sacrifice that safety in order to protect the settlers, if they stood alone and without recourse against the reivers. But they are neither alone nor without recourse. They have behind them the full might and wealth of the Turamzyrrian Empire. We need have no fear, nor feel any obligation.

With the security of the settlers guaranteed by the strong right arms of the Empire, we may turn our thoughts instead to the security of our own people, who need protection more than ever after suffering the depredations of Gnul. For many of us, the Landing's defense is our paramount responsibility and concern. Sir Mires and Lady Malwind have offered us a chance to at one stroke secure the safety of Wehnimer's Landing, preventing countless deaths and needless bloodshed and destruction. All we must do is nothing.

Tell Haidan that Wehnimer's Landing will remain neutral, and victory is ours.