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Tikba Liwan
Tikba, portrayed with Midjourney by Kayse's player
Race Aelotoi
Culture Gaeh'deh
Hometown Wehnimer's Landing
Class Cleric
Profession Regional Envoy
Religion Marlu
Affiliation(s) The Order of Eternal Light, Wehnimer's Landing Militia (on reserve due to political office), Black Hand Trading Company, Beacon Hall Archive
Demeanor Polite
Hobbies Knitting
Best Friend Kayse Thaellian

Tikba Liwan is an aelotoi cleric of Marlu and a Regional Envoy of Wehnimer's Landing.


You see Tikba Liwan the Regional Envoy of Wehnimer's Landing.
She appears to be an Aelotoi of the Gaeh'deh Clan.
She is taller than average and has a broad-shouldered slender frame.  She appears to be in the prime of life.  She has piercing celadon-hearted viridian eyes and sun-bronzed, coppery skin.  She has unevenly cut, tangled raven black hair pulled into a messy finger-raked bun and pinned haphazardly with a thin black parchment fan adorned on one edge with withered deathblossoms, leaving a few loose strands to hang about her face.  She has a faintly lined, classically featured face and an irregular scar across her collarbone.  She has a pair of gossamer, cerulean, and misty grey wings fading abruptly to midnight black at the edges.
A blackened sigil has been branded into the flesh of her palm, the mark seeping tendrils of ebony smoke across a strand of prayerbeads wrapped around her wrist.
She gives off a serene demeanor.
She is in good shape.
She is holding a faewood crosier crowned with a dark iron six-tentacled star in her right hand.
She is wearing a six-tentacled star etched into a baystone cabochon, a threadbare paeline shroud covered in faded bloodstains, a stark white flyrsilk toqua spattered with detritus along its frayed hem, a cobalt glass delphira stalk-shaped button that reads, "Kayse closed, and she'll do it again!", a lacquered kohl zydris scabbard slung over her shoulder, a plain ash grey mervaer surplice with flared latticework sleeves over an ebon paeline cassock with twin slits down the back, a slender glaes wristcuff with water lily inlay, an urglaes thumb-ring, a black leather belt, a brushed suede purse, an etched glass cylinder containing a malformed kiramon egg, a pleated white skirt falling in layers of flyrsilk, a haphazardly woven anklet of white geraniums, and a pair of hematite paeline wide-cuffed boots lofted on vor'taz horn heels.
The ground beneath Tikba writhes in swells of shadow, the demonic visages rising across her form before disappearing in a silent scream of dark mist.


Tikba spent the first twenty years of her life on Bre'Naere in a mining colony, being forced by the kiramon to dig for increasingly rare gems in Bre'Naere's crust. When the portal to Elanthia opened, she escaped along with other aelotoi in her colony.

After arriving in Elanthia, Tikba lived in Cysaegir for several years, helping teach aelotoi children. At some point she decided to pursue a clerical vocation and became a Marluvian priest, a pursuit that required moving to Ta'Illistim to study at the Library Aies. Her dedication to Marlu caused some concern with her family, and after a frank discussion with them and the village elders, she departed Cysaegir for Wehnimer's Landing.

Current Events

Tikba was a campaign manager on Kayse's 5122 campaign for the Wehnimer's Landing Town Council. She is often seen near the warehouse belonging to Kayse's shipping concern, the Black Hand Trading Company.

Tikba attended the funeral of Spensor Caulfield, the Baron of Bourth, and spent some time talking with Larsya Caulfield and encouraging her to attend.

During the events of North by Northwest, Tikba joined the Wehnimer's Landing Militia. She is also known to have attended many meetings of the Black Thorn Resistance. Some of the documents posted on Moot Hall under the black thorn bear her careful handwriting.

Tikba was elected Regional Envoy of Wehnimer's Landing in 5123, along with Thrassus.

Vignettes and Documents


Public Documents


(This information is mostly for my benefit, and would probably not be known in detail to most people, but might be useful for you to identify when you happened to be in the same location at the same time as Tikba.)

Year Event
5082 Tikba is born on Bre'Naere
5088 Tikba begins working in the mines
5097 A small revolt on Tikba's mining crew is put down by the kiramon
5103 Tikba comes through the portal to Elanthia. She settles in Cysaegir and becomes a teacher
5107 In Cysaegir, Tikba experiences the events of Revenge of the Kiramon
5108 Tikba travels to Ta'Illistim and begins studying magical principles at the Library Aies
5110 Tikba begins studying theology and divine magic at the Library Aies
5120 Tikba leaves Ta'Illistim and returns to Cysaegir
5121 Tikba becomes a cleric of Marlu
5122 Tikba departs Cysaegir and moves to Wehnimer's Landing


Tikba, portrayed with Midjourney by Kayse's player
Tikba, portrayed with Midjourney by Meliyara's player