TownCrier Interview Sessions with Khylynnia

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Khylynnia SparrHawk
Towncrier interview logo.png
Race Aelotoi
Culture Mrae'ni Clan
Class Bard
Affiliation(s) White Haven
Spouse Jhenni SparrHawk

By Leafiara, TownCrier Correspondent
27 Imaeratos 5117 // September 27, 2017 - at Mist Harbor


Bardess Khylynnia SparrHawk is a promising up-and-comer who's just as adventurous in towns as in the wilderness, finding her way into countless social circles west of the DragonSpine. Despite the aelotoi's troubled history on Bre'Naere, Khylynnia has a spirit of perseverance and opened up to TownCrier Correspondent Leafiara about the emotional highs and lows of her time in Elanthia.

"The kiramon that come to me willingly will be spared destruction, and will become my personal army." ~ Lady Khylynnia SparrHawk

The In-Character Interview

[Boreas Ridge, Gregale Way]
A variety of colorful bricks have been used to create the path, resulting in a breath-taking mosaic that strays close to the ridge's edge.  An ornate invar rail protects the passersby and affords an unobstructed view of the hills below.  An alcove paved with small octagonal stones has been carved into the mountain, and a beautiful fountain wrought into the side trickles with a constant stream of fresh mountain water.

You see Lady Khylynnia SparrHawk the Bardess.
She appears to be an Aelotoi of the Mrae'ni Clan.
She is shorter than average.  She appears to be very young.  She has silver-flecked coal black eyes and lily white skin.  She has waist length, thick platinum hair loosely styled with some carved fiery red gem flames scattered throughout.  She has a delicate face and a button nose.  She has naturally glossy, raspberry-hued, deeply pouted lips.  She has a small glossy black spider on her right forearm.  She has a pair of gracefully-tapered shimmering silver wings with swirling galaxy patterns.
She has an enruned bloodjewel hook in her lip, an enruned ruby hoop in her right eyebrow, a pair of faenor hoops inset with a trio of malachite beads in the ridges of both her ears, and a soaring hawk tattoo on her neck.
She is in good shape.
She is wearing a web-draped deep red spidersilk cloak edged with grey silk trim, a swirling sonic barrier, a polished gold hawk medallion, a silver-inlaid rainbow glaes choker, a polished flame maple robin suspended on a thick braided leather string, a translucent crimson garnet locket set in a circlet of blood red rubies, a misshapen onyx talisman on a black silk cord, a double-strung black pearl chaplet, a sharp-tipped white monir toothpick, a honey beryl note symbol inset with tiny water sapphires, a flame-shaped blazestar symbol speckled with grey jasper, a dark red vaalorn lute symbol accented with gold, a White Haven bear head pin, an elegant pink tourmaline barrette, a golden soaring hawk brooch, a drake-winged insignia, a snow lily, a coral-bound maoral badge, an opaque spidersilk backpack, a stiff lapis leather corset with silken epaulettes, a black watered silk bodice with ruby eyelets, a coiled mithglin chain armband, an open-linked gold charm bracelet, a black dreamstone bracelet, a pair of vaalin-sigiled silk gloves, a ruby and diamond engagement ring, a ruby-inset wedding band, a narrow gold ring, a shining gold amulet crowned with an emerald, a thin-ridged blue imflass buzzer, a slender black leather belt, an inky black leather swordbelt inlaid with dragon-cut red-green bloodstones, a crimson silk drawstring gem pouch shot through with elaborate blackworking, a cord-stitched suede mandolin case with an oak toggle latch, a leather purse, a bell-adorned layered silk skirt, some ebon wool knee-high socks embroidered with white skulls, and some charming black silk calf-high boots inset with rubies.

You nod approvingly.

Khylynnia sits down next to a beautiful fountain.

You give Khylynnia a strong, encouraging smile.

You sit down next to Khylynnia.

Khylynnia softly says, "I found this spot when I was looking for houses."

You amicably say, "It's a very nice place."

You hopefully ask, "Now... are you ready to start?"

Speaking softly to you, Khylynnia quips, "As ready as I will ever be."

You grab a vibrant peacock feather quill from a small pocket inside of your angora cape.

You note, "In general, we'll be talking about your present, past, and future... mostly in that order, but if the conversation steers us anywhere else, we'll follow the flow."

Khylynnia nods understandingly to you.

Speaking understandingly to you, Khylynnia says, "I understand."

You amicably ask, "Starting off very simply: what is your profession and why did you choose it?"

Khylynnia softly says, "I am a Bardess, and I chose it initially to sing the songs and tell the stories of my people..."

Khylynnia sadly says, "When the Aelotoi were on Bre'Naere there was no written history, all the knowledge was sung or told..."

Speaking softly to you, Khylynnia says, "I wanted to continue that tradition, and help to pass on the knowledge of my ancestors to the next generation."

You understandingly say, "I see. Even in those very troubled times, a tradition worth carrying on was found."

Speaking amicably to you, Khylynnia says, "I agree.  History should be remembered and learned from, or we are all doomed to continue to repeat it."

Speaking curiously to Khylynnia, you ask, "I noticed you said that's why you chose this path initially--have you found new reasons now? Or, in other words, what are some of the joys of being a bardess?"

Khylynnia softly says, "Oh...."

Khylynnia starts chortling.

Khylynnia amusedly states, "I still follow that path, but several others have merged with it since the beginning..."

Speaking honestly to you, Khylynnia says, "If I were to talk about how my direction has been...changed....we would be here for hours, let us leave it at that for the time being.  I may revisit this later in the interview."

Speaking softly to you, Khylynnia says, "About the joys..."

Khylynnia happily declares, "I absolutely love singing to and hearing the stories told back to me from the items and many of the monuments that I find."

Khylynnia excitedly says, "To write and sing songs that allow the listeners to feel the emotion I was feeling when I wrote it is one of the greatest feelings in the realm."

You pleasantly ask, "Continuing on with what's going well for you... what town or city do you call your home today?"

You add, "If any."

Khylynnia regretfully states, "I was born on Bre'Naere, like all my kin....but that is not my home..."

You reach over and gently rest your hand on Khylynnia's arm.

You nod sympathetically at Khylynnia.

Khylynnia proudly says, "I call Wehnimer's Landing my home, and have ever since my arrival here a little over a year ago from Cysaegir."

You ask, "Cysaegir is a lovely place... what convinced you to make the long journey to the Landing?"

You guess, "Not enough adventurers other than Archales?"

You flash a quick grin at Khylynnia.

Khylynnia starts chortling.

Speaking honestly to you, Khylynnia whispers aloud, "I dearly love Archales, as he is one of the most famous Bards in the lands, but Cysaegir brings back too many painful memories for me to remain there..."

Khylynnia softly proclaims, "Cysaegir is absolutely beautiful, the trees that bloom in the late spring make it feel magical.  But I needed to get out of there to find my own way."

You thoughtfully say, "Giving yourself some needed distance."

You inquisitively ask, "Of course, there are other towns you could have settled in--what about the Landing specifically drew you?"

Khylynnia hastily adds, "There was something that....drew me here...I can't explain what it was, but it called to me..."

Khylynnia darkly says, "I sometimes think I was called here for a purpose, but that purpose is beyond my sight..."

You idly acknowledge, "Well, we do all feel callings toward many places, not knowing why."

Speaking to Khylynnia, you speculate, "Maybe one day you'll find out."

Khylynnia heartbrokenly says, "I just hope that finding the source of the callings doesn't lead me somewhere I don't want to be..."

You frown at Khylynnia.

Speaking softly to you, Khylynnia says, "I have found happiness and love here in the Landing, but I feel as if I am....incomplete."

Khylynnia distantly mumbles, "Something is missing and I can not place it."

Khylynnia smiles as she shakes her head as if to rattle her thoughts loose from something.

Khylynnia blinks.

Speaking confusedly to you, Khylynnia says, "Had we moved on to the next question?  I can't seem to remember..."

Speaking carefully to Khylynnia, you say, "Very mysterious thoughts... I won't dig deeper today, but whatever you find, I hope it will be good."

Speaking to Khylynnia, you assure, "We are now."

You brightly say, "And this should be a much happier one."

Khylynnia starts chuckling at you!

Khylynnia nods to you.

Speaking pleasantly to Khylynnia, you ask, "If you would... tell our readers a bit about your wife? Your courtship with her and your marriage?"

Khylynnia laughs!

You slyly request, "And because it's you and I know better than to leave that open, please leave out--certain things."

You wink at Khylynnia.

Speaking happily to you, Khylynnia declares, "That is probably my favorite "happy thought"!"

Khylynnia whimsically says, "It was such a almost seems surreal..."

Khylynnia thoughtfully says, "I first met her while waiting the the East Tower for a picker...Areigha was picking and was lost in thought at the moment, so I struck up a conversation with Jhenni."

Khylynnia amusedly states, "After that initial interaction, I didn't see her for about another three months, but I just KNEW I had to see her again."

You blink at Khylynnia.

Khylynnia softly says, "I took the time and tracked her down, and from that moment, I was "stuck" on her...I feel like I nearly fell for her instantly..."

Khylynnia playfully says, "Jhenni SparrHawk is one of the people I have ever met, and I NEEDED to be part of that....It just so happens that she ended up falling for me in the process."

Khylynnia starts chortling.

Khylynnia smiles as she idly traces her fingers over the surface of the water in the fountain.

Khylynnia wistfully says, "We really did have a whirlwind romance though.  We had a very short courtship which ran into a brief engagement, and that culminated in a very beautiful wedding."

You casually observe, "It did seem very quick--you surprised me saying you didn't have any contact for three months."

(Khylynnia dips her fingers in the fountain and idly flicks the water onto the ground next to her.)

Khylynnia starts chortling at you!

You blithely say, "But nobody can tell when or how quickly love will take them."

Khylynnia nods to you.

Speaking amusedly to you, Khylynnia quips, "I know that you will adamantly deny the allegations, but the fact that I witnessed a moment of clumsiness on your part which resulted in a brief exposure will always be burned into my mind!"

Speaking soberly to Khylynnia, you deadpan, "I do admire your very overactive imagination."

You nod once.

Speaking softly to you, Khylynnia says, "And no you will NOT omit that from the editorial."

Khylynnia winks at you.

Khylynnia dreamily marvels, "She and I have had a wonderful marriage so far, and to be honest, there is no one else I would rather spend my time it hunting, cuddling, talking or just sitting.  To sit with her in front of a warm fire on a cold day with my head on her shoulder is my vision of bliss."

You beam happily at Khylynnia!

You thoughtfully say, "I was going to get to this question later, but it seems we've come to a good point for it..."

Khylynnia nods to you.

You note, "Many adventurers of other professions are very happy to hunt with bards because their songs are so helpful in a group."

Speaking to Khylynnia, you inquire, "As for you, though, being a bard--do you prefer to hunt alone or with friends?"

Speaking seriously to you, Khylynnia says, "I have found that I have been mostly unable to hunt alone at this point."

Khylynnia concernedly says, "I have tried many techniques, and taken many suggestions, but with my limited training, solo hunting has proven....difficult."

You slowly ask, "I see... and how many times have you seen your trainer, for our readers to know?"

Khylynnia irritatedly says, "It bothers me that I am unable to hunt at my training without first receiving spells from most of the other guilds."

Khylynnia happily says, "I have trained my thirty fourth time just this week."

You gently say, "Maybe our readers will be able to offer advice or suggestions, or maybe these are simply growing pains, but either way I do hope everything comes together for you."

Khylynnia softly says, "I have spoken with Archales just after the Festival of the Fallen, which you won, and he placed second, and he mentioned that he would help me by taking me under his wing."

You continue, "In this same line of thought... are you a member of any society in Elanthia?"

Speaking softly to you, Khylynnia says, "I am a member in good standing of the Order of Voln."

Khylynnia softly says, "Tenth rank to be exact, nearing my eleventh."

You curiously ask, "And did anything draw you to the Order?"

You add, "I happen to know you didn't join for quite a while after you started adventuring."

Speaking softly to you, Khylynnia says, "Actually, I fell in on the Order because of my wife and you."

Speaking softly to you, Khylynnia says, "Between you and Jhenni taking me out hunting and using your abilities, I saw the benefits of the Order, and sought entry."

Khylynnia softly says, "Until then, I knew very little of the Order..."

You muse, "I suppose the grizzled old warrior is a bit less forward than Sunfist's recruiters."

Khylynnia softly says, "I had very little knowledge of much in these lands, but through diligent questioning, and close personal observation, I learned enough to know I could benefit from Voln."

Khylynnia amusedly says, "Funnily enough, I ignored his ravings for many long months."

Khylynnia giggles at you.

You amicably ask, "Continuing along... which Great House are you a part of and why?"

Speaking softly to you, Khylynnia jokes, "I joined White Haven when I found out that all of my in-laws were members."

You gaze in amusement at Khylynnia.

You clarify, "And who are your in-laws, for our readers' sake?"

Speaking seriously to you, Khylynnia says, "It took me a long time to even realize that there were Great Houses that I could join...and my in-laws are Brokkrsten and Riixae who are my father and mother in-law, and Cherryth who is Riixae's sister."

Khylynnia softly says, "And of course, Jhenni is a member as well."

You note, "Our readers who live in the Elven Nations might not realize this, but White Haven is based in Icemule Trace."

Khylynnia nods to you.

Speaking to Khylynnia, you ask, "So I assume you have good relations there as well as the Landing?"

Speaking softly to you, Khylynnia says, "Oh, yes, they have a wonderful house there with an adorable polar bear cub who is quite snuggly."

You grin at Khylynnia from ear to ear.

Speaking warmly to Khylynnia, you agree, "The snuggliest."

Speaking softly to you, Khylynnia says, "I have adequate relations in Icemule, but not like I have in the Landing."

Khylynnia nods to you.

Speaking softly to you, Khylynnia says, "She lets me smooch her on her forehead."

Khylynnia starts chuckling at you!

You casually say, "Speaking of smooching... you normally seem to have a love of kissing noses."

Khylynnia laughs!

You bemusedly ask, "Any reason why?"

Speaking amusedly to you, Khylynnia opines, "Perhaps it is because noses seem to lead the way on a person's face...but mostly I think I do it because some people get slightly annoyed when I do it."

You laugh softly, trying to hide your amusement.

You approvingly say, "A bit of a mischief maker. Cholen would approve."

Speaking honestly to you, Khylynnia states, "I have a healthy respect for the Arkati, all of them to be sure."

Speaking curiously to Khylynnia, you ask, "Do any of the clothes or accessories you're wearing now have a special significance to you?"

You add, "That you would like to tell our readers about?"

Khylynnia chuckles.

Khylynnia nods to you.

Speaking truthfully to you, Khylynnia says, "Many have special meaning to me, some more than others..."

Khylynnia taps a thin-ridged blue imflass buzzer that she is wearing.

Khylynnia grins at you.

You grin impishly at Khylynnia.

Speaking softly to you, Khylynnia says, "This is just because it is amusing...but that isn't really special."

Khylynnia taps a flame-shaped blazestar symbol speckled with grey jasper that she is wearing.

Khylynnia honestly says, "This one has great significance to me as it is the one for my chosen Arkati..."

You nod understandingly at Khylynnia.

Speaking happily to you, Khylynnia says, "But there is one that is even more precious to me than any other."

Khylynnia shows you a polished gold hawk medallion, which she is wearing.  Suspended from a braided neck-chain of brushed gold, this golden medallion has been polished to a high sheen and gleams brightly in the ambient light.  Etched into the medallion's surface is the intricate image of a soaring hawk with outstretched wings.  Tiny star rubies have been set into the medallion's surface, representing the hawk's eyes and adding further detail to this incredible piece.

Khylynnia lovingly says, "This was given to me as a gift on my wedding day by Jhenni, but its significance goes well beyond that."

Khylynnia sadly says, "It brings back one of the happiest, and the saddest memories of my life..."

Speaking softly to her gold hawk medallion, Khylynnia says, "When I look upon this medallion, I am reminded of that day when all my people came through the portal and were finally freed from enslavement of the kiramon."

Khylynnia sadly says, "It was a sad day because of two reasons..."

Khylynnia sadly says, "First, we Aelotoi left the only home we ever knew..."

Khylynnia somberly says, "And second so many of our people never made it through."

Speaking carefully to you, Khylynnia says, "It was a happy memory for two reasons as well."

Khylynnia quietly says, "First, enough of us made it through to start a thriving community."

Khylynnia happily says, "Second is that we were finally free from slavery, and were given a second chance at a new beginning....or actually, for the Aelotoi, more like a THIRD chance..."

Khylynnia starts chortling.

You curiously ask, "The first two being?"

Khylynnia softly says, "That is a very tricky question unless you know the histories..."

Speaking cautiously to you, Khylynnia queries, "Did you know that the Aelotoi were once human?"

Speaking to Khylynnia, you confirm, "I do know that, yes."

Speaking softly to you, Khylynnia says, "Then you know that the Arkati L'Naere took humans and put them on Bre'Naere before the ur'daemon war, and that was our FIRST second chance."

Khylynnia softly says, "Coming through the portal was our SECOND second chance, so we have had three chances at existence."

Khylynnia amusedly jokes, "Let's hope we get it right this time."

You thoughtfully say, "I see what you mean, but there were many millennia and generations between those events..."

Speaking softly to you, Khylynnia says, "Yes, but we have always been one people."

Speaking gently to Khylynnia, you concede, "A fair point."

You admit, "I have to say... while discussing your present, we delved deeper into your past than I expected. Our histories do shape us, of course, but it's left me without much else to ask about your past."

Speaking softly to you, Khylynnia asks, "Anything that pops to the forefront?"

You casually say, "Oh, yes, I do have a few things, don't worry."

Khylynnia laughs softly, trying to hide her amusement from you.

Speaking seriously to Khylynnia, you say, "I know your fellow White Haven member Maylan is very upset with..."

You rub your chin thoughtfully.

Khylynnia raises an eyebrow in your direction.

You cautiously say, "Actually, before I say that--"

You cautiously ask, "Are you aware of the kiramon presence in Darkstone Castle?"

Khylynnia nods to you.

Speaking softly to you, Khylynnia says, "I am, and I am completely bent on their destruction...."

You acknowledge, "She is the same way..."

Khylynnia angrily says, "The kiramon will pay for what they did to my people, and if I had my druthers, I would take them and do to them what they did to us."

Speaking harshly to you, Khylynnia declares, "I will turn them all into slaves, modify them and break their race for eternity."

(Khylynnia slowly clenches and unclenches her fist.)

Speaking hatefully to you, Khylynnia says, "They did horrible things to my people, and for their crimes all of their species will pay the price."

You tentatively say, "I see... I wish you and Maylan luck with revenge--and all the aelotoi."

Khylynnia nods to you.

You slowly say, "On an entirely different note..."

You ask, "Have any friends or fellow adventures been especially inspiring or helpful to you in your travels?"

Speaking happily to you, Khylynnia says, "Oh, so many have been helpful..."

Speaking softly to you, Khylynnia says, "Areigha has helped me in understanding my Arkati..."

Speaking softly to you, Khylynnia says, "You have been very helpful and instrumental in helping me to understand so much about the ways of the Landing, and just of life around here in general...."

Speaking softly to you, Khylynnia says, "Jhenni has been so very instrumental in helping me to be happy and comfortable with myself, and to help me to realize that there is life beyond vengeance."

Speaking softly to you, Khylynnia says, "There are so many who have been helpful to would take me so long to mention each and every one, but the three I just mentioned are the top."

Speaking to Khylynnia, you say, "Normally this is the point where I'd ask what your most memorable moment has been since you began adventuring..."

You glance at Jhenni.

You bemusedly say, "But I think that one should be obvious."

Khylynnia starts chortling at you!

You brightly inquire, "So can you name one aside from your wedding?"

You wink at Khylynnia and flash a sly grin.

Speaking softly to you, Khylynnia says, "Well, ASIDE from the wedding...."

Speaking softly to you, Khylynnia says, "Honestly, one that stands out in my head the most is the day I first met Jhenni."

Speaking softly to you, Khylynnia says, "Either that, or the day that I was INVITED to perform at the Silvergate Inn."

Khylynnia softly says, "Granted I have not yet had the time to perform there, but I would love to."

You casually say, "I'm sure Luxie will blush when she has to edit this, but I hear she's been an inspiration to you too, yes? Speaking of bardesses who are invited to perform."

Khylynnia chuckles.

Speaking softly to you, Khylynnia says, "It wasn't Luxie who invited me, but yes, Luxelle has been quite inspirational to me as well.  I have listened to her perform, and spoken to her on many occasions, and among the Bards, she has been the most inspirational to me."

You slyly ask, "Speaking of blushing... what's been your most embarrassing moment since you began adventuring?"

You grin mischievously at Khylynnia.

Speaking bemusedly to you, Khylynnia says, "I don't embarrass easily, so this one will require a moment of thought..."

Khylynnia amusedly says, "It wouldn't be the time I accidentally ran through town stark naked because I had to go to my wedding "as naked as possible"."

You gawk at Khylynnia.

Speaking softly to you, Khylynnia whispers aloud, "My wedding coordinator told me there was no place to store my gear."

Khylynnia starts chortling.

You admit, "That was pretty silly. I had to look away... even though I was your maid of honor."

You giggle.

Speaking seriously to you, Khylynnia says, "I think it may have been when I initially flirted with YOU and got "rejected".....I was really naive at that stage and took everything very personally."

You furrow your brow, probably adding a wrinkle or two in the process.

Khylynnia starts chortling at you!

You hesitantly say, "I... don't remember that..."

Speaking softly to you, Khylynnia says, "There, now you can add ANOTHER embarrassing moment to YOUR list..."

You concernedly ask, "W-what did I say?"

Khylynnia giggles at you.

Speaking amusedly to Khylynnia, you state, "Two more. I forgot about your state of undress..."

Speaking softly to you, Khylynnia says, "Oh, you didn't say was more...ignored."

Speaking understandingly to Khylynnia, you say, "Ahhh... well, yes, I'm maybe not the best at picking up on others' attentions."

Speaking softly to you, Khylynnia says, "I thought I had done something to offend you and was really embarrassed about it."

You begin, "Last thing on the subject of your past..."

You curiously ask, "Before you committed to becoming a bardess, did you ever consider anything else?"

You add, "Since songs and oral history are something anyone can do, of course, albeit nobody as well as a bard."

Khylynnia seriously states, "No.  I have always wanted to become a Bardess.  It is the only thing I have ever known from the beginning, other than that I wanted to be with Jhenni."

You approvingly say, "It's good that you found exactly what you wanted to be, then."

You say, "Now, as far as your future..."

Khylynnia raises an eyebrow in your direction.

You curiously ask, "What are some personal goals you're looking forward to achieving and haven't yet? And professional ones?"

Speaking seriously to you, Khylynnia declares, "Becoming queen of the kiramon."

Speaking seriously to you, Khylynnia says, "Those that come to me willingly will be spared destruction, and will become my personal army."

You blink.

You slowly say, "Well--I wish you luck with that."

Speaking softly to you, Khylynnia says, "Professional goals..."

Speaking softly to you, Khylynnia says, "I am in the middle of writing two plays..."

Khylynnia softly says, "The first is already titled "Blood and Exodus" and is about the end of the Aelotoi's time on Bre'Naere and our subsequent departure from there and arrival to Elanthia."

Khylynnia softly says, "The second is the story of a girl who struggles with her past, while trying to find her place in the future."

Khylynnia softly says, "It has no name yet, but it will be a musical."

You observe, "Both very close to your heart, then."

Khylynnia nods to you.

Speaking softly to you, Khylynnia says, "Ready for the next question."

You brightly say, "And the last question! And it's a very simple one..."

You inquire, "Is there anything else you'd like to say to our readers that we didn't cover in the course of the interview?"

Khylynnia thoughtfully says, "Actually yes.  There are a few things..."

Khylynnia softly says, "First, Never let the tribulations and pitfalls get you down.  I am not a powerful bard, and as such I have had my fair share of stumbling blocks in my path, in fact getting through my thirtieth training cost me twelve deeds, but I keep fighting on and will not allow that to stop me."

Khylynnia softly says, "Second, Follow your heart.  Don't get caught up in the daily grind.  Take time for yourself, and spend time getting to know the people around you...some will be a delight, and make your day more enjoyable...others will make you want to stab them in the face with a that bastard Rheteger..."

Khylynnia softly says, "Third, and this is the most important in my opinion..."

Khylynnia softly says, "Do with your life and your career what YOU want to do!  Never let anyone dictate to you how you should live, or who you should love...Only YOU know what is in your heart and your future, and as such anyone who tells you to be or do otherwise is only going to cause you to be unhappy."

You approvingly say, "Very philosophical."

Khylynnia starts chortling.

Speaking softly to you, Khylynnia says, "Comes with a life full of pain and suffering, followed up by joy and happiness."

You thoughtfully say, "Now, even though I said that was the last question, your answer did leave me with one more..."

Speaking to Khylynnia, you opine, "For someone so new to adventuring, I've seen that you have a very large social circle..."

Khylynnia starts chortling at you!

Speaking curiously to Khylynnia, you ask, "What would you attribute that to?"

Speaking amusedly to you, Khylynnia quips, "Persistence...I pester and pester until they either love me or hate me..."

Speaking honestly to you, Khylynnia opines, "But seriously I would have to believe that it is just that I am always myself.  I am who I am, and one thing that I believe in is that people will stay with me as a friend because of that."

Speaking softly to you, Khylynnia says, "Oh, I have to add a caveat to influential people..."

Speaking softly to you, Khylynnia says, "Ordim...His ability to speak in "Oddly Orated Ordimisms" has helped my mind to grow and my verbal skills to improve."

Speaking sincerely to Khylynnia, you say, "Well, I want to thank you for your time tonight. You've been a delight."

You stand back up.

You sink down in a deep curtsy before Khylynnia, your lashes lowered.

Khylynnia stands up.

Khylynnia turns to you and bows low, spreading her wings for all to see.

Speaking softly to you, Khylynnia exclaims, "The pleasure has been all mine, Leafi!"

You carefully say, "I can't promise that you'll have as many readers as Roblar, for example..."

Khylynnia starts chortling.

You optimistically exclaim, "But I'm sure that everyone who does read the interview will enjoy!"

Speaking bemusedly to you, Khylynnia opines, "If I have as many readers as Roblar, I would be thoroughly shocked and dismayed."

You warmly wish, "Well, on that note, then... do have a lovely evening."

You hug Khylynnia, who wraps you in a warm embrace.

Speaking softly to you, Khylynnia states, "You as well, Leafi-pop!"

"Always keep other players wondering what you are going to do next." ~ Lady Khylynnia SparrHawk

The Out-of-Character Interview

How long have you played Gemstone? With any breaks or straight through?

Since April 2016. I had a couple short breaks... I had a break from May through June 2016. And another just back in July.

How did you find out about the game?

I originally played DragonRealms starting back when it was Beta... I played that for ages on and off, and was playing that with a friend... Back in the end of 2015 and beginning of 2016 we both had enough with the lack of GM support and decided to come over here.... She had played GS for years and has a capped character and convinced me to start one here.

How many main characters have you had?

In GS just Khy. I have a couple F2P accounts for "mules" but only the one main. I had three separate "mains" in DragonRealms.

What are a few things you'd like to do or experience in GS that you haven't yet?

I would love to get more involved in the large scale RP events that happen around the realms, but I have a lot of trouble being online at that time. So as a result, I have been more or less "forced" to build my own RP which I stick to as much as possible.

Have you received any particular advice or guidance that made a big impact on how you hunt, roleplay, travel, or in any other way experience GS?

Well, advice that I got about how to RP I got back when I used to use pencil and paper to play D&D, and that was from Gary Gygax when he told me to "Always keep the DM and other players wondering what you are going to do next." I have gotten so much help from other players here in GS about hunting and other things that it would be too numerous to list, but some of the key people that have helped me with hunting advice have been Chaoswynd, Brokkrsten, Leafiara and Jhenni.

Were there any inspirations from other fiction, or even from fact, that you drew on when envisioning Khylynnia?

Honestly I have taken Khy from so many picture her, take Emily Browning's character Baby Doll from Sucker Punch and cross her with Elize Ryd from Amaranthe... I hear her voice as a cross between Sharon den Adel from Within Temptation and Liv Kristine from Leaves' Eyes.

Can you think of one or two questions you'd like to see the TownCrier ask interviewees that they haven't been asking so far, either IC or OOC?

Oh...let's see...One thing that I can think of is that there really isn't enough from the OOC interview where you ask about where the player has gotten the ideas for their personal story, or if they even have a drawn up backstory. The IC interview SOMETIMES dances around it, but not that often. As a matter of fact, YOUR follow-up questions are more designed to dig up the backstory than the others that I have seen.

And what are the answers to those questions from you or Khylynnia?

I have a fully developed backstory for Khy that only has a few small gaps, and it is being added to as time goes on. When I created Khylynnia, I had a specific image in mind and a specific direction I wanted to go, and as such I built a backstory that "pushed" her in the right direction. I have it all written up in a document, and have even written a couple stories and songs for her to sing and tell about them.

Can you think of one or two questions you would have liked Khylynnia to be asked that she wasn't?

I can't say there are questions I would have LIKED to have been asked, but there could have been a couple questions during the IC interview that would have allowed her to disclose a little more of her story to the readers. As it is, only time will tell if Elanthia finds out what it is I am talking about.

And what are her answers to those questions? We can treat them as IC knowledge or OOC knowledge--it's up to you. (If you don't want them to be IC nor OOC knowledge, you can skip this one.)

I would happily answer them if they are asked to her directly IC, but since they weren't I will let them slip by until the next time.

Have you ever roleplayed a character who's very different from your own personality? And why or why not?

All of my characters that I have ever played have been very different from my real personality. I see it this way...I am PLAYING a ROLE, and I can't do that if it is "just being me." I like the challenge of being something completely different.

Do you as a player have a different most memorable Gemstone moment than Khylynnia does as a character?

My favorite GS moment as a PLAYER.... I would have to say that it would be being instrumental in beginning a relationship between two close friends.

Would you like to name one or two things about Khylynnia that you think most people would be surprised to find out? These can be as minor or as major as you want.

First let me just say that Khylynnia is not what she seems... There is SOME truth to her that everyone has seen, like her feelings for Jhenni, but there is a lot that she has....buried. Oh...for a bard, she has a character flaw that isn't natural...she prefers to keep a more...solitary lifestyle."

Did Khylynnia lie or hold back while answering any questions? (Don't say which questions and don't say whether she was lying or holding back.)

No, she did NOT lie when answering any questions. And for the second part....EVERYONE holds something back.

What do you think is the best thing about Gemstone?

The players. In Gemstone, there are some AMAZING RolePlayers, and that has a great impact on the enjoyability of the game. If it weren't for characters like Jhenni, Leafiara, Javell, Rhayveign, Svardin, Brokkrsten, Cruxophim, Chaoswynd, Emindala....I would have left GS within months after starting. So many people have made this game much more enjoyable just by how they each interact with Khy. I have the ability to allow Khy to be so many things to so many different people.