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Use Weapons, Armor
Offensive Bonus +12
Defensive Bonus +24
ST/DU 15/30
Rarity Extraordinarily Rare
Weight Modifier 95%
Special Properties Cursed
Primary Color Deep Black
Dyeable No

One of the most volatile and rare metals in Elanthia, urglaes is often thought of as the metal the Ur-Daemons used in combat against the Drakes. The only large deposits of the metal are found in ancient, long-dormant veins of lava. The blasted lands around Maelshyve also hold some deposits, and it is thought that Despana herself was very fond of it and perhaps used it in her horrible magical workings. In color, it is usually a deep black, like that of a void. Normally this metal appears in the form of small shards. Perfect spheres of up to three feet in diameter have also been found, often streaked with misty veins of crimson. These spheres have been said to hold great magical - and often terrible - power, but are even rarer than normal shards of urglaes. Legends say that they were not of natural make, but a magical tool of the Ur-Daemons themselves. Because of the extreme rarity of these artifacts, these legends have not been tested by learned mages.

Urglaes in its pure form is highly magical. It is often thought of as a metal of pure darkness, and has been the end of many a talented smith. When forged without the aid of magic, it is unpredictable, and reports of explosions, horrible transformations of the smith's limbs, and a variety of highly effective, long-lasting curses are said to be possible when working with this dangerous material. If the urglaes is tamed through magical means, it can be used to create highly effective weapons and armor, the enchantment usually roughly equivalent to that of imflass. With the range of urglaes' abilities, it can be used to create devastating weapons. Not all of its darker magical properties can be turned to work with the wielder, so there is sometimes a grave cost when using equipment forged of pure urglaes.

Like all metals, there are less-pure forms of urglaes. Often flecks of it are mixed with obsidian or some other dark stone and then undergo intense magical rituals to cleanse the small amount of material of its dark magic. This is often used for small decorations on weapons or armor, and is not harmful to those who choose to wear or wield it.

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