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This page refers to the player of Thikket, Iife, Versa, and many other characters.

Contact Info

Krakiipedia Editing Interests

  • I'm interested in putting together a coordinated effort at collecting important creature data. See my message on the Krakiipedia:Village_pump for more information.
  • I'm great with Gemstone mechanics and formulas, so send me a message if you have a request. I've collected tons of data in my 12+ years playing Gemstone, and I'm willing to do further research if it will help out Krakiipedia.
  • I'll probably fill in the entirety of the Council of Light page sometime unless someone tells me that Krakiipedia is respecting the in-game secret policy of Gemstone. On that note, if Krakiipedia ignores that policy, it might be useful to have spoilers for the secrets of Gemstone with spoiler tags, such as how to navigate Darkstone castle, etc.