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    Generally, the times people are most curious about roundtime is when dealing with combat -- melee or ranged. I'd think that the best place to put both of these would be in that article, each under their own header, as both work differently. Melee roundtime is mostly covered in the article, given the existance of the agility and dexterity tables (as agility and dexterity only affect melee roundtime, where strength is used to determine ranged and thrown roundtime reduction.) Alternately, we could make a seperate article detailing just what minimum roundtime is, as many people seem to be baffled by the concept of minimum roundtime being different based on the normal roundtime of the weapon. I did, however, list the minimum roundtime of a melee weapon within the skills required to use each weapon. For example, the katar is listed in both the Edged Weapons and Brawling articles. I did the same with ranged weapons, but seeing as I never played an archer and only played a hurler briefly, I don't know how accurate the minimum roundtimes I have listed are.
    Given that two weapon combat calculates its own roundtime based on the combination of weapons you're using, I do see a need for the information somewhere.
    The only reason I haven't added the table to the roundtime article already, though, was because of the existance of a multitude of tables on that article already.
- Andy talk 21:46, 13 January 2007 (EST)