Vaalorian Military Structure

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Vaalorian Military Structure is an Official GemStone IV Document, and it is protected from editing.

The Military Structure of Ta'Vaalor

This document is from the archives of the Steadfast Crimson Legions of the Vaalor, Guardians of the East, Vanguard of Honor, Pride, and Glory, and states an overview of the most recent changes in the ranking system of the Legions in 5110. Given that the confidential timeframe of this document has expired, it is now free to be released to the public at large.

In loyal service of Ta'Vaalor, for Honor, Pride and Glory,
High Yeoman Vonya Selaelis Vaalor

Attention Military Personnel,

This notifies that organizational and reconstructive changes are to take place immediately for the esteemed military of his majesty King Tyrnian; The Steadfast Crimson Legions of the Vaalor, Guardians of the East, Vanguard of Honor, Pride, and Glory.

Divided into two echelons, Enlisted and Officer, the new ranking system will assure that Ta'Vaalor remains in the unquestionable position of championed leaders within the Elven Nations. Continuing to set the standards for other City States, these changes will further improve strategy, precision, and execution.

The following is a brief description of the reorganized command chain -- see your superior for questions or further explanation.

Initial recruits or warriors new to their time in service will be given the title of Squire Legionnaire. Bravely forming the front lines unit, warriors will remain a Squire Legionnaire for at least fifteen years unless they are elevated early by distinguished acts of merit.

Once promoted, the warrior will be given the title Legionnaire. These principal soldiers will account for the largest percentage of the military, providing the expertise of their firsthand battle experience. Typically, a warrior will remain in this position for at least twenty-five years before promotions are considered.

A First Legionnaire holds tenure, and has proven himself in a variety of challenges. Wise from the hardened years of battle experience and training, warriors holding this title have established and built their reputation as very competent soldiers.

For those showing signs of leadership capability, the ranking of High Legionnaire may be bestowed. These warriors will direct small numbers of soldiers, and begin to focus more on strategic tactics. This honorable position is the highest a reserve soldier may attain.

Master Legionnaires have shown great promise in leadership areas. Charged with directing a sizable number of troops, these warriors are highly accomplished and well rounded in their training. Typically, attaining this status would take well over a century and requires a good deal of commendations.

The highest-ranking position in the enlisted echelon is titled a Lord Legionnaire. This master warrior is indeed a fearsome elf to behold. The title is not given lightly, as there are limited positions along with a series of requirements that are tough to achieve. Generous experience, impressive leadership abilities, and accomplished tactician skills are merely a few qualities a Lord Legionnaire may possess.

For elves with extensive military lineage and years of educational training in the art of warfare, the esteemed officer echelon may be available. Designed specifically to provide leadership and ensure strong core values, the officer echelon is a prestigious and admired section.

Beginning the officer chain is a Legionnaire Captain. These officers are charged with directing an entire battery, and will work alongside a Master Legionnaire in a position of leadership. A shining symbol of responsibility, Legionnaire Captains are also charged with handling a wide variety of disciplinary consequences as they arise. It is expected that one stay in this position for over a decade.

Once promoted, the second ranking in the officer echelon is named Legionnaire Commander. An elf in this position has proven himself capable in a variety of aspects, and boldly welcomes the daily challenge. Charged with directing an entire Fist, a Legionnaire Commander works beside a Lord Legionnaire, once again in a position of leadership. It is not uncommon to maintain this ranking for over forty years, and is a well-respected position.

A High Legionnaire Commander has shown excellence in combat, leadership and tactics. Truly an example of peerless elven qualities, this ranking is that of a high officer. Capable of intense responsibly and flawless execution, High Legionnaire Commanders are charged with direction an entire legion. It is rare to progress beyond this ranking, as slots for promotion are severely limited.

For a select few and incredibly elevated elves, the title of Lord Legionnaire Commander is bestowed. This is the highest ranking officer position available, and these individuals report directly to his majesty, King Tyrnian. Masters in all aspects of combat, strategy and diplomacy, this position is highly coveted and admired. A maximum of three Lord Legionnaire Commanders may be in existence at one time.

To provide definitions and adequately categorize, the following classifications are briefly explained. See your superior for questions.

An individual Warrior is classified as a single elf.

A Bandon is comprised of five Squire Legionnaires and/or Legionnaires. This is the principal combat configuration.

A Troupe is comprised of four Bandons, which are under the authority of a High Legionnaire.

A Battery is comprised of five Troupes, which are under the authority of a Master Legionnaire and a Legionnaire Captain.

A Fist is comprised of five Batteries, which are under the authority of Lord Legionnaire and a Legionnaire Commander.

A Legion is comprised of four Fists, which are under the authority of a High Legionnaire Commander.

Each Legion possesses specific requisites and performs a unique duty. While variance is incredible between Legions, each are relied upon for different reasons, and equally important in maintaining the prestige of Ta'Vaalor.

Airship Legions do no possess any vocation restrictions. Training is required.

Thaumature Legions are limited to elementalists, warlocks, physicians, and clergymen.

Warrior Legions are limited to fighters, blackguards, scouts, holy warriors, physicians, and clergymen.

Lastly, the elite Tactical Legions possess no vocational restrictions, but rather a high level of training. Honored as masters in their area of expertise and study, entrance into a Tactical Legion, also known as The Barbed Phoenix, is prestigious. There are two of these Legions at most.

In loyal service of Ta'Vaalor, for Honor, Pride and Glory,
High Yeoman Vonya Selaelis Vaalor

*Special Note: This document was originally posted with the title: "Vaalor Legions Reformation - Defining the Furture of the Vaalorian Army"

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