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A Note attached to the Moothall

Hello Friends, Citizens, Visitors and Travilers.  I'm Vaemyr, and I'm running for Town Council here in Wehnimer's Landing.  I was asked by some before now if I had planned to run again, and honestly I hadn't.  I knew Kiyna and Kayse were most likely running and I think they both would make incredible councilors.  However near the deadline coming around, a couple folks came up to me and asked me a couple questions.  "Do you think you would be a good councilor?"  and "Do you think you could benefit the town as councilor?"

The answers I had to those questions are yes.  So then I asked myself again, should I run?  Well, since I'm writing and posting this I guess the answer is pretty obvious.

So lets get into the meat of it then.

I would like to start with a few of my stances.  First, I support our status as an independent city, however I do think we should continue to strive to build relations with favorable friends in the empire.  Our recent visits to Bourthe, the repeal of Chaston's Edict, and our on-going military relations with Hendor all show that we have friends in the empire, and we'll all benefit by allying together.

Second, the Rooks.  I think the Rooks formed out of necessity.  Any town or city will always have the... darker sides of things, but Wehnimer's for a long time ignored and neglected.  They banded together, to survive, these citizens of our town.  Then people took advantage of them, pushed them to do horrible things.  Thievery, murder, assassinations, and more.  Thankfully those days seem to be behind us, but I always worry that this group of people whom have just tried to band together to survive and help the town my still be exploited in the future, so I would like to make it a primary goal of mine to eliminate the need for the Rooks to exist.

First of all, I would like to address education in the town.  By giving both our children and adults opportunities to learn and grow, it will open up new options for many, whom may of been isolated and had no way out.  I plan to try and request a new schoolhouse to be built near the Wellington Home, this will be a place for all children whom wish to come and learn to read and write.  I plan to also work with the Darkstone Bay Consortium merchants in town to offer apprenticeships to students, to give them the work skills and opportunities to succeed as they grow.

In addition, I am reaching out to Rone Academy to offer some new classes to the citizens in town as well.  First any adult whom wishes I'd like to be able to provide reading and writing classes as well, as no one should have to go without some of this basic knowledge if they have a desire to learn.

Second, I plan to ask them to host martial training drills and classes.  I'm planning to reach out to Steward Thrayzar to help select some teachers for this.  The idea is we can offer townsfolk the chance to learn ways to defend themselves, their families, their homes, and their town.  In addition this gives us opportunities for them to eventually join the town guard or militia, thus bolstering the town as a whole, and helping to eliminate the need to have to join organizations like the rooks and eliminate the need to bring in large mercenary forces from outside the landing.

Doing these, while not right away, I hope we can move into a world wear organizations like the Rooks are no longer needed, because it would be truly terrible if good citizens in this town were once again lead astray into doing horrible acts.

Finally, I'd like to address the Darkstone Bay Consortium.  As some may or may not be aware, I have joined the Consortium as an independent contractor.  I work on establishing good relations with merchants in other cities, and help support our merchants here in town.  In doing this, I'm able to also help others with the resources now available to me.  I am painfully aware, however, that the Consortium is not very popular among some in the town because of their founder Amos.  But I'd like to remind folks that the vast majority of members are long-standing merchants here.  People who've been serving and helping you all for many years.  And while Amos is the founder, he does not rule the Consortium as a king, all the members have rights and input, and I'd like to ask you all to put your faith in those same citizens, that we will do what we can for the betterment of Wehnimer's Landing.

If you made it all the way here, thank you sincerely for reading about me and my ideas, and I hope that I may serve you in the future as a councilor.  And please, if you have any questions or comments for me, please reach out, don't be shy, I'm more than happy to talk with anyone.