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Gender male
Race half-elf
Profession Pirate
Specialty Vanne fan
Venue Festivals
Status inactive

Vanne was the pirate merchant who sold what became known as Vanne fans.


You see Vanne the Half-Elven Pirate.
He appears to be in the prime of life and tall and gangly. He has black-outlined, unfocused brown eyes and sun-bronzed skin. He has tangled mass of long, dark brown hair haphazardly strung with mismatched beads on several matted locks. He has a long, delicately-boned face and a thin mustache, and a neat beard twisted into two thin, beaded coils.
He is in good shape.
He is wearing an old leather tri-cornered hat, a knotted and frayed maroon bandana, a stiff faded blue cotton vest, an open-necked loose undyed linen shirt, a steel-buckled stained leather baldric with a well-balanced silvery vultite rapier hanging from it, a long faded crimson waist sash with tattered ends, some salt-stained blue canvas breeches, and some tall brown leather boots fitted with wide cuffs.