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Storyline Beyond the Arkati
Gender male
Race human
Status dead
Affiliation(s) Ex-Wehnimer's milita

Vaurus is a fugitive militia member of Wehnimer's Landing who opposed Mayor Walkar by firebombing the city and screaming Anti-Walkar attacks with "Walkar must go!" He was eventually apprehended and captured, but his body was consumed in flames in 5111, but he used bombs very similar to the Brotherhood of Rooks that were deployed the following year.



Supported Colson's call for Mayor Walkar's removal. For as quickly as he rose up, he was killed. Pins and counter-claim slogans were popular.

  • a boot-shaped sign that reads, "Juramis. Stone's Bootlicker."
  • a simple gold pin that reads, "I Support Mayor Walkar."