Vectrus Kestrel Ranheles

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Vectrus Kestrel Ranheles
Storyline Solhaven Cataclysm
Ride of the Red Dreamer
Gender male
Race Human
Status Alive
Hometown Chastonia
Relationship(s) Paidreg Venquinor
Alias/Title the Mage-Knight
Affiliation(s) Hall of Mages

Sir Vectrus Kestrel Ranheles is a Knight-Banneret of the Turamzzyrian Empire. His coterie, the Order of the Raptor's Eyes, is unique among the chivalric orders of the Empire in that it focuses on the use of combat magics in addition to the standard hallmarks of knighthood. This focus should not be confused with the Imperial Drakes, wizards who serve as an arm of the Turamzzyrian army.


You see Sir Vectrus Kestrel Ranheles, the Mage-Knight.
He is shorter than average and appears to be extremely young.  He has green-speckled lustrous silver eyes and ivory skin.  He has shoulder-length, dark brown hair held in a ponytail by an emerald-lacquered silver band.  He has a comely face and a sharply patrician nose.  Lines of green and black ink swirl form a jagged barbed circle around his right eye, which seems to glow faintly.
He is in good shape.
He is wearing a peaked blue suede hat adorned with a banded white feather, a dark indigo longcoat clasped by a silver spread-winged kestrel, a lapis-buttoned white cotton shirt, a pair of thin-striped cerulean breeches, and a pair of silver-buckled boots with cobalt spurs.


Known by the epithet "the Mage-Knight", Vectrus was born to a cadet branch of House Ranheles, a bloodline with considerable magical potential. Other house members include the hedgewizard Carellus Ranheles. Vectrus strongly favored his mother's Kestrel heritage, including its name in his for all official matters. He was squiring for Earl Eddric Jovery when his magical powers manifested in his late teenage years, and continued involving himself in chivalric efforts while studying at the Hall of Mages. As one of a very few chivalric orders that permitted the use of elemental magics, the Raptor's Eyes proved a strong choice for the aspiring knight.

Some time after climbing the ranks of knighthood, he was assigned to Solhaven as magical conditions spiraled out of hand under the stewardship of Provost Paidreg Venquinor. He helped manage the camps there, including a sealed one guarded by witch hunters under Ranheles's command. As a master of magics, he was one of the Hall of Mages representatives responsible for reconstructing the port of Solhaven.

Vectrus made an unknown deal with the followers of Luukos prior to the spell to ensure its success. Their interference may have caused the thinness in the walls of the world that plagued Solhaven after the spell's completion. As a part of this deal, Vectrus was abducted by Luukos worshippers some time afterward. He was glimpsed once, since, in a vision that indicated he was now imprisoned by Mularosian named Nettle.