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Valence is a Faendryl term meaning another dimension or alternate plane of existence. Faendryl sorcerers have been experimenting with interplanar travel for eons, including both demonic summoning and transport to far reaching locations or alternate realities. Magic of this nature is the cornerstone of both Faendryl and sorcerous research. While sorcerous magic concerns itself with the connection to and use of demonic valences, it frequently ignores the planes nearest Elanthia.

Known Sorcerous Valences

Lorae'tyr is home to four of the known minor demons available through the spell, Minor Summoning (725). The igaesha, verlok, grantris, and abyran are found here. Lorae'tyr is primarily humid swamplands with occasional forests and plains. The distinguishing feature to Lorae'tyr is the inconsistant passage of time.
Shien'tyr is home to the aishan the shien, and the arashan. Shien'tyr is devoid of light. Any attempts to create light has resulted in the light being immediately snuffed out.
Grik'tyr is home to the grik and the imp. The terrain is rocky and the weather is excessively windy. There isn't much variation to the weather, and very little water can be found there.

Near Planes

The Maw of Luukos
A vast expanse full of viridian flame known colloquially as Mawfire, the Maw of Luukos is dominated by the Arkati of the same name and is possibly his creation.
The Eternal Dream
The occasional dwelling place of Ronan, it is a parallel plane where thought and matter intersect uncontrollably. Some individuals, known as Dreamers, are drawn to this plane while sleeping.

For a more comprehensive list of known other realities see: Cosmology

Behind the Scenes

When the demonic summoning spell was being developed in the late 1990s, there was a cosmological model with Elanthia at the center and shells of planes surrounding it. These surfaces were formed by tensions of kinds of forces. In this context the planes were called "valences" akin to the way atomic orbitals have a valence shell. The word "valence" remained in later documentation. There could be a similar IC premise of the word having originated in early primitive cosmological models. It is possible the Faendryl use "valence" because it emphasizes which veil is being pierced and identifying the realm with it.