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Use Lockpicks
Rarity Very Rare
Weight Modifier ?
Special Properties Floating
Primary Color Light Blue
Dyeable Yes

Veniom forms only in the caverns at the base of the eastern side of the DragonSpine Mountains, and is naturally extremely light in weight, even as an impure ore. In its natural state, veniom is a bluish color streaked with silvery specks, forming long veins inside the DragonSpine Mountains.

The metal is fairly easy to dye, and the Elves especially have been interested in uses for this rare and valuable metal since they first discovered it. The Illistim have perfected the process of refining veniom into its most valued form, a state so free of impurities that the metal will actually float above the ground. They have incorporated this pure veniom into some of their creations, the most prominent of which are the elven airships.

Veniom is fairly soft for a metal and rarely used to make weapons and armor, except in small amounts for lightening or ornamentation. Besides being a very beautiful decoration, good-quality veniom will also make weapons or other items slightly lighter than normal, making it highly valuable to smiths around Elanthia.

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