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Type System
System Character mechanics

ENCUMBRANCE is used to check how much the items a character is carrying is weighing them down.


First person messaging will vary based on the percentage of encumbrance the character has, however third person messaging will always be the same.

Percentage First Third
None You adjust your gear comfortably and feel satisfied that you are not encumbered enough to notice. Xeraphina checks her equipment, adjusting and rearranging her gear.
>0% to 10% Your load is a bit heavy, but you feel confident that the weight is not affecting your actions very much.
>10% - 20% You feel somewhat weighed down, but can still move well, though you realize you are not as quick as you could be.
>20% to 30% You can't quite get comfortable, and are definitely feeling the effects of the weight you are carrying. Lightening your load could help.
>30% to 40% Your shoulders are beginning to sag under the weight of your gear, and your reactions are not very fast. Time to unload, perhaps?
>40% to 50% The weight you are carrying is giving you a backache. Perhaps you should unload some things soon before you actually have to move fast.
>50% to 65% You are beginning to stoop under the load you are carrying, and your reactions are slow. Hope you don't have to dodge anything.
>65% to 80% It is difficult to move quickly at all, and your legs are strained with the effort of carrying all that stuff. You can probably manage to trudge around town, but hunting would be treacherous.
>80% to 100% You find it nearly impossible to make any fast moves, and you ache all over from the load you are trying to haul around. Hope you're in a safe place.
>100% You are so weighed down with junk you can barely move. You might be able to make it to your locker by summoning all your strength and willpower, but surviving much else would not be a good bet.

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