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Type System
System Bank

The EXCHANGE verb is used in two ways: note exchanges between town currencies in the bank and safer sales transactions between characters .


When in a bank's exchange booth, one may trade a note from one town's currency to the local one using EXCHANGE. There is no confirmation on this, and a variable fee assessed for this service.


Note: This will only populate with EXCHANGE by itself in a proper exchange booth without a note to exchange in the right hand.

Usage: EXCHANGE <banknote>.
You must be holding your banknote in your right hand.
The swarthy gnome takes your note and says, "Ah, yes.  That will be a 101 silvers surcharge."  With a flurry of quill pen scratching and wood block stamping, the gnome creates a Mist Harbor promissory note which he then hands to you.

Sales Transactions

When performing a sales transaction in game, it is recommended to use EXCHANGE instead of GIVE for the security of both buyer and seller. The seller will EXCHANGE their item with the buyer for the agreed upon number of silvers once the buyer accepts.


Note: This will only populate with EXCHANGE by itself in areas that are not specifically exchange booths.

    EXCHANGE {item} WITH {player} FOR {silvers} SILVER

Permits you to EXCHANGE an item to another for a set price.  You may substitute LEFT or RIGHT for {item} to exchange the item in your left or right hand.


Step First Second Third
Initial Offer You offer your cowrie shell to Buyer for 200 silvers. She has 30 seconds to accept the offer. Click CANCEL to prematurely cancel the offer. Seller offers you her cowrie shell for 200 silvers. Click ACCEPT CONFIRM to pay the silvers and accept the offer or DECLINE to decline it. The offer will expire in 30 seconds. Seller offers her cowrie shell to Buyer for some silver.
Acceptance Buyer hands you 200 silvers.
Buyer has accepted your offer and is now holding a purple-cap cowrie shell.
You hand Seller 200 silvers.
You accept Seller's offer and are now holding a purple-cap cowrie shell.
Buyer hands Seller some silver.
Buyer accepts Seller's cowrie shell.

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